Ephedron addiction - causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment

Ephedron addiction - Abuse of ephedrine. Ephedrine ephedrine is obtained from which previously was widely used in medicine and classical still part of some medications. Admission ephedrone accompanied by a pleasant euphoria, a feeling of happiness, lifting the mood and performance. With constant use of the euphoria decreases appear autonomic disorders, mood and well-being. Characteristically rapid emergence of dependence and adverse for the development of psycho-organic syndrome and social maladjustment.

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  • Ephedron addiction

    addiction - dependence on ephedrine, which are obtained from the primitive ephedrine. Taking into account the composition and function of the psychoactive substance addiction ephedron similar to amphetamine addiction, but differs from it by some features of the flow. Due to the extremely rapid development of dependence is one of the most severe and prognostically adverse drug addiction. It occurs mainly in adolescence and early adulthood.

    Widespread ephedron drug abuse accounted for 80 of the last century. The reason was the availability of products with a high content of ephedrine, which are freely sold in pharmacies. After a while in Russia it was forbidden to possession and use of drugs, containing more than 10% of ephedrine. Turnover of products with a lower concentration of ephedrine was limited. This has reduced the number of people suffering from this addiction, but addiction ephedron still occurs. The treatment of this disease by specialists in the field of Addiction.

    sweating and skin greasiness. Neurological examination revealed a decrease in muscle tone, instability in standing position, the deterioration of coordination of movements, pupillary constriction, the weakening of facial expressions and speech disorders.

    When a long-term addiction ephedron the deterioration of appetite, weight loss, decreased performance, and sleep disorders. Patients constantly feel overwhelmed, experiencing pronounced difficulties when trying to concentrate and often suffer from depression. You may experience obsessions, phobias, increased suspicion and paranoid vigilance in respect of others. In some cases, there BDD and psychosensory violations.

    In chronic drug developed psycho-organic syndrome of varying severity. A decline of criticism to his condition, behavior disinhibition, overestimation of their own capabilities, loss of volitional qualities, cognitive impairment and cognitive decline. Sick leave home, quit school or work, exercise rigor, cruelty and selfishness in relation to parents and other close people, sell things or steal money. Against the background of prolonged intoxication psychoses sometimes occur, accompanied by delusions of jealousy, relationship or persecution. When complete abolition of ephedrine psychotic symptoms fade, expressed residual changes are observed.

    Drug Dependency Hospital. Ephedrone canceled simultaneously. For detoxification apply saline, glucose, vitamins and nootropics. If necessary, use a hemodialysis method hemosorption and forced diuresis. In severe anxiety prescribe tranquilizers for psychosis - haloperidol. Carry out treatment of somatic disorders and measures to increase body weight. Drug addiction treatment is complemented by acupuncture, electrical stimulation and psychotherapy, which may take the form of psychological correction of behavioral, group classes or individual consultations.

    The best result is achieved with long-term treatment in a rehabilitation clinic. If the duration of rehabilitation in a specialized center is not possible, the patient's addiction ephedron discharged to outpatient treatment. Further treatment is carried out in a drug treatment study. Psychiatrist observes the patient, assigns courses of restorative and medicinal treatment. During the period of observation continue outpatient psychotherapeutic work. Sometimes it turns out to be an effective part in special programs Society of Narcotics Anonymous.

    Ephedron addiction - one of the most malignant and prognostically unfavorable dependencies. This is due to the young age of the majority of patients, their psychological, volitional and emotional immaturity, as well as rapidly developing psycho-organic syndrome. A role played by the presence of somatic weights, for example, in patients infected with hepatitis B or HIV by intravenous administration of the drug, the chance to get rid of dependence ephedron reduced. In general ephedron addiction is characterized by short duration of remission and stable social decompensation, persisting even after drug discontinuation.