8 daily rituals necessary for inner peace and inspiration

Our life is full of stress, problems, troubles and surprises. Sometimes a series of not very positive developments as knocks you off track, you feel an inner emptiness and the terrible fatigue. How to be? Experts suggest using these daily rituals - and then you will be more difficult to endure!

Ritual thanks

If you have turned out to be particularly stressful day, try, laid in bed at night, give yourself answers to such questions as: "What is good today happened in a day?", "What I learned today, what are the lessons learned from today?", "Who or what can I be grateful for today? ". Five minutes of work with them will be enough to make you feel more harmonious, psychologists advise, opinion which publishes health info with reference to the Fireside.

Hemispheric drawing

In order to harmonize your inner peace, calm the nerves, and even, perhaps, to find a solution to your concerns, get hemispheric drawing. This does not necessarily have any drawing skills. Take the brush, dip it in the paint, which you want to and drive it on a sheet of paper. "Turn your head," apply chaotic lines and spots those colors, which asks your soul. Maybe you will get some patterns may - thematic painting. After such an art of relaxation you feel more energetic.

Morning Elixir

To tune in to a positive day, enter a special morning ritual. It does not require any skills, all you need - a cup of your favorite hot beverage and 15-20 minutes. Do not rush yourself, drink a drink in a pleasant atmosphere you will, at the same time it is best to observe what was happening outside. Twenty minutes of leisurely contemplation will fill your soul with peace.

Breaks for removing voltage.

I'm sure your day is full of stress to relieve negative, type a few short breaks during the day. It is desirable to retire and feel completely relaxed. Make some vigorous swings hands, shook his head, make slopes. This 5-minute gymnastics recharge your energy.

Make for yourself a refuge

In the corner of the house, where you are usually no worries, create a space for themselves harmony and peace. Organize it as you like: Put a few crystals, beautiful candles, figurines. Daily 5-10 minutes are in this zone. You can turn on your favorite music or light a scented candle, sit back, close your eyes and dismiss all thoughts!

Collect the treasury of pleasant moments

Get a nice box or a box. Each a success or a pleasant event mark, omitting the casket colored button or a beautiful stone. It is desirable to have it all were different. In the evening or at the moment when you feel sad, open the box and those iterate over your trophies, remembering what good things they symbolize.

Contact with nature

A great way to zero - this is walking barefoot on the ground. But while it's cold outside, you do not have such an opportunity. Remember that all living things, any plant also has the ability to neutralize the negative energy. Walking through the park, or even going to work, get 5 minutes for something to stand by touching the tree trunk or touch its branches.

Order in the head

If you are confused by the abundance of ideas and information affairs, try to put things in order in his head through the space around the organization. For example, every day before to leave work or switch to a new job, to restore order on the table. Fold pencils and pens in color and size, neat rows to arrange books in a stack of folded paper.