Doctors have suggested losing weight with the help of Sleep

Forget the diet if it does not help to become slimmer - scientists have proved that you can lose weight with the help of quality sleep. Experiment research of US workers showed that a full night's sleep greatly increases the chances to lose weight, according to health info with reference to

The authors of the project began clinicians research center Kaiser Permanente in Oakland. These 500 people attended the trial. Observation of volunteers has brought scientists to the conclusion that the quality of sleep in combination with a stable psycho-emotional state is actually doing slimmer.

"Good sleep and emotional calmness in twice to improve the chances for normal to lose weight," - established providers.

Also, experts have told that the experiment participants were a number of other conditions - their food has a low content of fat and sugar and high levels of fruits and vegetables, and the amount of physical activity was 180 minutes per week. Quality sleep in combination with a healthy lifestyle as a result of the test made more slender to the final test.

"Low levels of stress and sleep more than 6 hours but not more than 8 hours a day to help lose weight up to 4.5 kg in six months", - noted experts.