Vitamin B3 in the water will protect against the risk of glaucoma

Enrichment of drinking water Vitamin B3 gives a huge effect in the prevention of disease. Researchers have shown that this vitamin prevents the development of glaucoma, health info reports citing

In experiments involving mice, scientists found that the addition of vitamin B3 in the water can significantly extend the period of healthy, reducing the risk of age-related glaucoma. According to the authors, it can be affordable and effective method of prevention of eye diseases for the elderly, which are now used for these purposes eye drops. Scientists from The Jackson Laboratory in Maine added vitamin B3 in the drinking water of mice genetically predisposed to the development of glaucoma.

It was found that such water maintained their health of the eye for a longer period, providing a significant protection against glaucoma compared with rodents who received normal water. In mice of the first group of eye health of cells and their metabolic activity made it possible to resist the development of glaucoma, even in the event of elevated intraocular pressure, has a very detrimental effect. It is also proved that treatment with only one gene under the action of an enzyme, which provides energy marrow cells prevents the development of glaucoma in mice.

Older people find it difficult to take daily preventive drugs for diseases of view, and especially to calculate the correct dose. A gene therapy is all due to a single injection will provide the necessary protective effect. Today, up to 80 million people worldwide suffer from glaucoma, and many rely on eye drops. The disease develops in a time when the increased pressure damages the optic nerve.