Researchers told how to lose weight with tea

Researchers from the United States reported that they managed to open a method of losing weight with the help of tea, which allows you to get rid of extra pounds quickly enough, according to health info with reference to

It turned out that the whole point is that people add a lot of sugar to tea or coffee. Thus, it has long been known that carbonated beverages are harmful to health, since they contain a large amount of sugar. In this regard, people refuse to use them, but continue to drink tea and coffee. However, adding a large amount of sugar in them, they get no less harmful drink than sweet soda.

So, the addition of two to three tablespoons of sugar in a hot drink adds about 400 grams to the total weight.

Thus, scientists note that in order to lose weight, it is very important to give up sugar in drinks, while it's not just about soda, but also about tea. Consumption of tea without sugar can positively affect health, but with sugar the drink becomes not only not useful, but even harmful.

Just five cups of tea with sugar throughout the year can cause 0.5 to 1 kilogram of excess weight. Experts recommend that those who want to lose weight, limit the consumption of hot drinks with additives such as sugar and cream.

In this case, scientists note that, for example, green tea can promote weight loss, because it speeds up metabolism and prevents fluid retention in the body, but an important condition is that it should be consumed without the addition of sugar, in extreme cases, with the addition of a substitute, Which is less harmful to the body.