Scientists: sweets during pregnancy harms the baby

Researchers at the University of Helsinki biological studies have reported that they were able to figure out how to use pregnant women sweet effect on the development of the fetus, according to health info with reference to

Previously it was thought that a pregnant woman should eat what she wants, because in this way the child asked what he needed to develop. Increasingly, however, scientists have refuted this theory, noting that pregnant women need to watch your diet and indulge in something in some situations. For example, it has been proven that the consumption of sweets in this position may affect the development of the baby. Scientists have found that in the future the child may have problems with early puberty, high weight and low intelligence.

In addition, the scientists say that many of today's children already have health problems due to the fact that their mother did not comply with healthy eating rules and indulged in a lot of sweets during pregnancy. This affected their development. However, doctors say that it is a very important issue, because due to improper feeding mother, the baby can begin the development of certain pathologies still in the womb.

Currently, experiments were carried out only on animals, but it has been proven that exposure to sweet and also identical to humans. The fact is that the mother transmits all the nutrients your child, and excess glucose when consuming sweet affects the nervous system condition, which leads to a decrease in the level of intelligence kid.