9 ways to wake up earlier

To wake up in the morning early, and at the same time throughout the day to feel cheerful, should be offered the advice, according to health info with reference to liza.ua.


Get willpower and deciding to get up early, do not be fooled by the excuses. If in the evening you mentally tune in early, get up in the morning it will be easier.

Choose a comprehensive approach

If you use the recommendations in the complex, the result will be much faster.

Monitor power

One reason for the weakness that prevents getting up early - slagging organism. Review your diet, follow the rules of a healthy diet and cleanse the body, you can with the help of one of the detox program.

Do not load up before going to bed

Heavy foods require more effort on the body's digestion, and instead, to rest and recover at night, it continues to work. Try not to eat 3 hours before bedtime, and if unbearable, limit yourself a glass of kefir.


Regular exercise strengthens the immune system and keep the body in good shape, so waking up in the morning it will be much easier.

Soothing drinks.

Reduce the amount of coffee consumed in the afternoon to evening, your body was ready for a vacation. And before going to bed drink a cup of soothing drink for a full sleep: hot milk, tea, chamomile, mint or a complex of soothing herbs.

My favorite music on the alarm clock

Put on your favorite music and alarm clock, hearing it, you want to wake up, at least to listen to her.

Morning exercises

A few simple exercises in the morning to help wake up faster and feel in good shape during the day.


For the body to move quickly, I need treatment. Lie down and get up every day at the same time and try to fall asleep no later than 2300: the best time to relax the body from 22:00 to 6:00.