Researchers have found a way to protect humanity from overeating

Researchers from Denmark, together with colleagues from Australia, reported finding a unique gene that will allow in the future to win weight and save the people from overeating, according to health info with reference to

The problem of excess weight is very popular at the moment around the world. The number of people who are overweight is increasing, with a particularly acute problem among children.

Therefore, scientists around the world looking for a way to combat this problem.

This time, the researchers stated that they found the root cause at the genetic level: it turned out that the desire to eat more than the body in need of reality, responsible gene in the body of many people. It causes people to overeat, and to turn off this gene in the future will allow to save people from overeating.

The discovery was made when the experts studied the genes of roundworms. It turned out that the ETS-5 is responsible for the feeling of satiety. According to scientists, humans have a similar gene that is responsible for the feeling of satiety, and makes people eat more of the provisions.

Now the study of this issue continues. If the theory is confirmed, the specialists will create a therapeutic program, through which people will feel full while consuming a small amount of food, just enough to keep the body in the right shape and not gain weight at the same time.

In addition, the same gene with proper activation can cause a desire to engage in sports, which is also a positive effect on the body's condition and will also win extra weight, even in the most difficult cases, when people can not give up your favorite foods.