Researchers told the men why women more active in the early morning hours

Experts have conducted several studies in which it was determined, why men are more active in the morning women's health info reports with reference to

During the research it was found that because of certain physiological processes of the fair sex are less active in the early morning hours, as compared to men, so doctors recommend that women morning soak in bed longer.

The world has long shared in the "larks" and "owls", while if couples appear representatives of different "types", then it becomes difficult to live together, because their cycles are "sleep-wake" do not match. People are beginning to try to adjust to a soul mate, but because of that failure go their own biological clock.

Research Fellows from the United States, Great Britain and Singapore have identified the following fact: men and women of different rhythm of the internal clock. For the biological clock in the human body corresponds to a specific brain region - the pineal gland, so the body knows that the night shift came on the day, and vice versa.

In addition, the epiphysis allocate sleep hormone - melatonin, with the help of his people can relax and go to sleep.

In the experiment, was attended by sixteen men and eighteen women. It turned out that most of the processes in the female body are working at other times, in the morning of the fair sex may not be as active as men.

That is why the child collection in kindergarten or school, walking the dog, cooking breakfast and other morning rituals can break the course of women's biological clock.