It named the 7 things you can not do during constipation

Probably everyone at some time in their lives faced with the constipation. Experts in the treatment of this disorder is called 7 things that in no case can not be done with this condition, according to health info with reference to

To drink coffee. If you can not do without an evening cup of coffee, then make an exception even at the time when faced with a constipated. The fact that the caffeine in the beverage, your body deprives moisture needed for normal functioning of the intestines. Water is the main tool in the treatment of constipation.

Eat processed foods. Processed, refined foods that contain large amounts of fat to slow digestion and increase constipation. Such popular foods like bread and pasta also contain fructans to increase their shelf life, which can cause constipation, bloating and gas.

Eat dairy products. Lactase enzyme deficiency in the gut required for cleavage of lactose of dairy products, can cause constipation and bloating. Therefore, avoid dairy products containing high levels of lactose like cream cow's milk and processed cheese.

Drink painkillers. Admission painkillers like ibuprofen on a regular basis is also a cause of constipation. You can always switch to acetaminophen, but in any case, discuss this with your doctor before changing tablets.

Admission iron and calcium supplements. These additives retard the reduction of the gastrointestinal system, which leads to constipation. If you have any medical disorder requiring supplementation of data, you can always ask your doctor to find you alternative medicines.

To drink a laxative. It is a natural desire to look like a laxative in case of constipation, but with regular use of these drugs will become more severe constipation. Do not use them more than a week without the approval of a physician.

Failure to exercise. Refusal of sports associated with decreased bowel movements. If you suffer from constipation, make sure you go in for sports, as you feel better.