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Cancer has become a real scourge of our time. According to forecasts by the World Health Organization, by 2020 the number of cases of cancer will increase almost twice. Why the disease continues to "mow", seemingly healthy people who care about their health? It turned out the causes of cancer lurk in the most unexpected things, according to health info with reference to


The desire to stay slim and desire to watch your body pushes many to lifelong adherence to all sorts of diets and nutritional principles. Protein diet, carbohydrate diet, vegetarianism, fasting, etc. - Some can not dwell on any one principle of making the organism a platform for testing. As a result, violated the metabolic processes, there is a hormonal failure and at some point the individual cells are transformed into hostile forms, forming malignant tumors.

Private cars

In an effort to comfort everyone is trying to change seats in their private cars. Every year, car owners is growing, which is suffering from the air, especially in large cities. As a result, the main culprits in cancer occurrence - carcinogens - overwhelmed the air we hundreds of liters daily passed through his lungs.

Jogging through the streets

Sports - the guarantee of health, but training on the streets longer harmful than helpful. After all, while jogging or other activities, we continue to breathe polluted air, only in large quantities by passing it through your lungs. Therefore, not being able to get to the park or the woods, it is better to do in the gym, where the air conditioning system cleaned.

Frequent illness

Now few people pay attention to the malaise, writing off all on lack of sleep or a slight cold, and goes to work with a pure heart. But weakened body during disease requires bed rest for complete recovery. Otherwise, the body's defenses are working in "hard" mode, and eventually may occur colossal failures, in which the cells are designed to protect the organism against him hostile.

[/b] viruses.

Viral diseases that are not always "loud" make their presence in the body, able to make adjustments in the genome. In the course of its vital functions are built into the structure of DNA, changing the genetic code of the carrier, and completely changing the course of events. One of these turns could be the development of cancer.

Food additives

Many of the products from the store priori contain nutritional supplements - flavor enhancers, colorants, stabilizers, preservatives or simply, without which the product can not be stored for a long time. The mucous membranes of the body can not adequately respond to them, because these substances are alien to them. As a result of their regular stimulation can begin the process of cell transformation to new forms of hostile, forming a tumor.

[b] Stress

Stress can lead to failures in any system of our body. A strong surge of negative emotions often lead to malfunction of the immune system, the gastrointestinal tract organs and affects the general state of health. Under the influence of negative emotions change the energy balance of the cells from which they are able to regenerate into hostile, undying, but killing mold.