"Bread and circuses": what food is suitable for passive sessions

From time immemorial, human nature demanded "bread and circuses." Today, the situation has not changed much: most of the people intending to spend time in the company's TV, computer, or a book, prudently stocking up with food in order to "sweeten" the process of information consumption. And if you refuse to vary the viewing of the film pack of something crunchy - can be proud of, you are the exception rather than the rule.

Experts tried to find out which food is best for passive activities (these include reading a book, sitting at the computer, watching TV or movies).

Obviously, it should be fairly easy to prepare and easy to use, because it is not a full meal, but only an auxiliary, a light snack to create extra comfort.


They became absolute leader. With fish, herbs, cheese (both solid and melted), tomatoes, and even jam - what could be easier? At any time, regardless of the season, they remain a favorite delicacy of the majority, because take a minimum of time and do not require special culinary skills. And if you add a little imagination, you can turn this trivial snack sandwich in a real home. It is best used in the preparation of sandwiches whole wheat bread and organic foods.


In second place - nuts, sunflower and pumpkin seeds and dried fruits. Argue here is difficult, snacks has always been popular because of its affordability, portability and brightness taste.

The only recommendation is to use them - know when to stop, because the same nuts and dried fruits are heavy enough product in large quantities can lead to indigestion, or even allergic reactions.

[/b] Fruits.

The largest number of sympathy received apples and bananas, which is quite natural.

Small, but perfectly distinct in taste filling, they can suddenly quench hunger without resorting to additional appetizers. Huge bonuses become useful substances and vitamins that will never be superfluous for the body.

In addition, if you want something a little more interesting, you can always make a fruit salad - juicy and endlessly colorful mix that unlike other snacks and snacking does not promise you the extra kilos. Only lightness, flavor and a good mood.


Chocolate, biscuits, marmalade - all this is perfect for a leisurely, measured consumption during passive pastime.

Miniature size, bright wrapper, the favorite flavor and useful properties that bestow improved mental activity - and for that we appreciate the sweetness. But lean on them is not necessary, but eating sweets is reasonable, can be a wonderful variety of any occupation. Also, preference should be given natural sweetness with a minimum content of harmful additives.


The most time-consuming in terms of preparation snack, however, the most entertaining in the consumption. Many would agree that sometimes costs a little to try to enjoy after a full meal. So, if you take only 10-15 minutes to cook this dish TV watching, consumption of time will give you the maximum pleasure.

An excellent accompaniment to passive pursuits become vitamin salad with cabbage, carrots and cucumber, the aforementioned fruit salad and, finally, any variations of salads in haste, in recipes which usually appear vegetables, herbs and cheese.