The researchers explained the reasons for the universal hatred of hypocrites

Duplicity people call intuitive aversion because conflicting signals sent by them, are confusing.

Article psychologists from Yale University (USA), published in the journal Psychological Science.

"People do not like the hypocrites, because they behave ambiguous - on the one hand, eagerly condemn indiscretions, seeking to improve their reputation and expose themselves" innocent lamb "by those they condemn. On the other hand, the reputation earned in this way, it is not deserved, "- he explained one of the study's authors Jillian Jordan (Jillian Jordan). And misleading about his true moral character is much more rejection from others than itself immoral behavior, from which he repudiate hypocrites.

These conclusions Jordan and her colleagues have come on the basis of results obtained in a series of online studies in which a total of 619 people took part. Participants were asked to evaluate the moral character of different characters, depending on their behavior. Thus, the data, in particular, suggest that the two-faced people do not like more than the usual liars, as well as more than a so-called "honest hypocrites" - those who condemns immoral behavior, but admits that sometimes they do their commits.

"It was a surprise to us, - said Jordan. - These "honest hypocrites" perceived by the participants on a par with those supplied as unseemly, but keeps his mouth shut and do not condemn others, behave similarly. From this we can conclude that the whole point of our aversion to hypocrites is connected precisely with the fact that they send false signals to us about his ostensibly virtuous, and thus leave us out in the cold. "