How to prepare your body to the limits in food during Lent

This year, Lent will begin on February 27 and will last until April 15 heralding a bright holiday of Passover. The faithful Christians in this period, as a rule, refuse to excesses in food and entertainment. The main purpose of fasting - to cleanse the body and soul, to beg repentance before God.

The modern church does not belong to the post too strictly, realizing that such a test stand for force is not for everyone. If a person learns and works needs energy, the rules are not so strict for him. There may be some deviations, but still worth still remember that any restrictions in food for the body is stress.

We'll have to give up meat, eggs and milk, cigarettes and alcohol, sweets. The fish can be eaten only on the Annunciation (April 7) and on Palm Sunday (24 April). Eat food only once a day on weekdays, at the weekend allowed the use of food twice a day. On Monday, Wednesday and Friday consume food in the cold, without oil. On Tuesdays and Fridays you can eat hot food without oil. On Saturdays and Sundays it is allowed to add vegetable oil in food and drink grape wine. On Good Friday is, in principle, to refrain from eating.

If you are determined to comply with the post, it should take care of this in advance. Experts told how to prepare the body to the limits in food so that it is at the same time experienced a minimum of stress. Remember that the main purpose of fasting is to purify the soul, so if you can not comply with the restrictions in food, just do good deeds and help loved ones!

Make menu.

Despite the fact that the food can not eat dairy and meat products, there is a large amount of food that is allowed in the post. Create a menu in advance to thoughts of hunger does not knock you off track. Optionally prescribe what and in what order you eat every day. Simply purchase all the necessary products, so that they are close at hand.

In the post allowed: bread and grains, cereals, pickles and pickled vegetables, jam from berries and fruit, mushrooms, legumes, dried fruits, nuts and honey, seasonal fruit and vegetables, seafood and fish (in limited quantities).


As a rule, it is difficult from the monotony. If you cook the porridge every day, then very soon you will look at it and can not. On the Internet today you can find a huge number of meatless recipes for all occasions. Make your selection and now try to cook lean food. First, you define the most successful and delicious, and secondly, will start to get used to eating lean.

Many are baffled because they believe that post - it's solid bread and water. This is not true. The list of allowed products is quite extensive. If you turn on the imagination and show their culinary skills, you can come up with a large number of delicious and mouth-watering, but meatless dishes.

Get used

Already, you should avoid explicitly prohibited in the post product or minimize their number in your diet. If you drink milk every day, it is quite obvious that you will be difficult to remove it from your diet immediately.

Reduce the portion to the stomach used to the fact that you give him less food, and took it for granted, and not as an emergency. The portions should be cut back gradually. Do not try to immediately restrict your diet to one meal. So then you eat for quite a while. Remember that all you need to know when to stop.

Drink more fluids

Drink more water. It perfectly cleanses the body, removes toxins, and even saturate. Sometimes hunger we mistakenly confused with thirst. This has been proven by scientific research.

For a couple of weeks before the post you just purchase a new useful habit. If you drink enough water and reach for another glass without reminders, and post something you will be able to keep better.

Look alternatives.

The meat and dairy products contain large amounts of protein. If they are in a position to use is not allowed, it is necessary to find alternative sources of protein that the body did not feel an acute shortage of this nutrient.

To help you come legumes. The concentration of the plant protein in their composition is quite high, so that they can easily compete with the meat. Beans before cooking, it is desirable to soak overnight in water, so that they are slightly softened, and the cooking process does not take long.

Check with your doctor

Lent - is an important event in the life of every believer, but do not forget about common sense. Consult with your doctor before you start fast, especially if you do it the first time. If you have any contraindications to lean diet, this diet will only additional source of problems and diseases, but not cleansing.

Any priest will tell you that the presence of contraindications, you can observe a lighter version of fasting, giving up only from the obvious excesses, such as alcohol, sweets and fatty foods. Much more important in this period, do not get mad, do good deeds and to reflect.