9 recommendations in order to experience a burst of energy, and overcome fatigue

Typically, in order to overcome the fatigue, we drink beverages containing caffeine and sugar. They fill us with energy.

Fortunately, there are more useful tools that can help us overcome fatigue. They do not harm our health, do not destroy your appetite and do not interfere with good sleep.

Experts told what to do, when you want to cope with sleepiness and fill energy reserves.

1. Warm up more often

If you have to spend much time at his desk, from time to time try to get up and warm up. Stand up and try to reach out your hands to toes.

This simple exercise energy flows in the body recover.

If you are in a large room, you can walk and even run around the room. This will normalize the blood flow.

If possible, go outside to get some fresh air and soak up the sun. Because of this you will be easier to cope with fatigue.

2. Trick your brain

If you can not warm up, try to take any activity your brain.

So, you can spend time solving crossword or sudoku or set a new challenge, requiring intellectual efforts.

With this your brain will remain active as a result you will become easier to beat fatigue caused by repetitive work.

3. Use lemon

It is believed that the smell of lemon helps us to wake up and stimulates the brain.

To cope with sleepiness, it is recommended to eat lemon drops, drink tea with lemon or simply eat a slice of citrus.

The smell of citrus can activate our brain and beat fatigue.

Try using lemon in different forms and choose the one that is most necessary to your taste.

4. Cool

Leave aside the traditional cup of coffee after dinner and drink it instead of a glass of cold water. It will help you to wake up and avoid dehydration. Because of this you will feel a burst of energy.

Then you can spray your face with cold water or hold an ice cube on the wrists. You'll see how quickly you return vigor.

The cold stimulates the production of adrenaline. This stimulating hormone improves our focus and helps us to better concentrate on the job.

5. Eat a mint

The aroma of mint, like lemon, fills us with vitality and helps to overcome fatigue. Always have on hand in the office with a bag of peppermints. If you feel that you are leaving the forces, they will return to you courage.

For this purpose, you can use mint gum. To enhance the effect, you can throw a couple of mint leaves in a glass of cold water or wash their hands with soap mint.

6. Turn on the cheerful music

Energetic music also helps us to wake up. Take the headphones and turn on your favorite song. Do not hesitate and sing along! It will fill you with energy.

Get up from the table and start to move to the beat of your favorite music. You'll see that after this weariness is not a trace remains.

7. Change your view of the situation

Try to deceive themselves, convince myself that you're not tired and you feel active and cheerful.

Repeat yourself a few times, you feel a surge of energy and strength, sufficient to cope with all the current work.

It may seem strange, but it's true. With this auto-suggestion, you automatically feel more energetic.

8. Meditate

Meditation helps to effectively reduce stress and improve concentration. Regular meditation will allow you to cope with chronic fatigue.

Maybe you've tried meditation, but it has not helped you to cope with the decline in energy arising in the afternoon.

Perhaps no effect due to the fact that you have chosen the wrong type of meditation that does not meet your true needs.

9. Laugh

Through laughter, our body begins to produce endorphins. These hormones raise our mood and improve health. This is the therapeutic effect of laughter.

Therefore, none of us can not hurt watching funny videos and funny story of life. Laughter allows banish fatigue, and you can easily cope with the work.