Top 5 Secrets for regular care

To the facial skin was healthy and always looked good, it is necessary to comply with at least the basic care guidelines. First of all, the skin cleansing is necessary - with its surface must be regularly remove dirt, grease, remains of makeup and dead skin cells.

Moisturize skin needs to maintain its optimum moisture balance, soften it and smooth.

Any type of skin and at any age, it is necessary nutrition - both inside and outside - because the skin has the ability to absorb, so let it absorb something that will make it smooth and fresh. And of course, the skin always need the protection that protects it from aggressive factors at any time of the year.

To the skin as long as possible remained beautiful, we must develop a habit to take care of it every day.

Experts also believe that a few good habits to help bring the ideal.

Quit smoking and protect from the sun

Scientifically proven: UV and nicotine adversely affect the appearance of the man and his skin. In an experiment carried out with these objectives, the experts compared the photos of 186 pairs of identical twins and analyzed the profiles containing details about their lifestyle and habits. It was found that smoked and spent a lot of time without protection in the sun look much older than his brothers and sisters, leading a healthier lifestyle.

Do not go overboard with makeup

Dermatologists believe: a common practice at the same time a large number of women use cosmetics is incorrect. A fair amount of ingredients often results in skin irritation, and besides, some components negate the effect of each other. Experts believe that a basic set of cosmetics for skin care should include a cleanser, moisturizer and sunscreen. In addition, the simpler your care, the more likely that you will faithfully and regularly will abide by it.

Do not change often cosmetic means.

Frequent changes in care products can cause harm to the skin. There are cases when a woman is using the tool a week or two, and not seeing the instant effect, it decides that it is not appropriate and buys the next tube or bottle. Dermatologists are advised to give more time to the cosmetics, so she could show their effect. Use a cosmetic need, until the end of the tube or jar, and only after that we can make a conclusion - this agent is effective for the care or not.

Drink vitamin A

Retinol, which is also known as vitamin A, actively fights wrinkles, reduces acne, promotes the production of collagen and improves overall skin texture. However, preparations with vitamin A can cause skin irritation - redness and peeling. Therefore, they must be taken in small doses - 2-3 grain of the night 2-3 days.

Watch out for their way of life and eat properly

First of all, pay attention to the duration and quality of night sleep. It was at this time in our skin there are processes of cell renewal and growth of collagen fibers, which are responsible for skin elasticity and firmness. Experts advise to sleep at least 7-8 hours a day. Physical activity and stay in the fresh air help to improve blood circulation and the flow of nutrients to the skin. Include in your diet more vegetables and fruits, as well as greasy and heavy meat products, sweet and pastry dishes is better to refuse.

All of these simple rules will help you last longer preserve the beauty and youthfulness of the skin. With proper, daily care of the skin of any type is fresh, smooth and well-groomed, and the mood - wonderful.