8 foods that many people use the wrong

The basis of the food should be healthy foods, do not tire of repeating nutritionists. Many people in order to achieve certain results begin to eat properly, but, unfortunately, would not make this process a way of life. It is a common mistake. In addition, hardly often most of us think about how to spend how we neglect the potential of the usual contents of our refrigerators and vegetable baskets.

Or rather, not even spending - this potential is simply not disclosed. cooking culture gives way to a banal desire something to swallow, digest and assimilate the very least, temporarily defeating hunger until his next arrival.

To date, the list of proposed products seemed absolutely commonplace, but imagine - their potential is able to expand to the useful properties. And experts do not only want to reassure you that talk about nutrients - a lot of chemists, nutritionists and cooks, but first of all to offer you to join the correct, healthy and conscious diet.


To prepare the roast potatoes, boiled potatoes, French fries and mashed potatoes most of us turns to the classic white varieties of this crop. If you have your own plot of land, make an exception this year and dropped purple potatoes. Much more whimsical of care, such varieties will pay homage for their efforts, lowering blood pressure, blood sugar levels and the risk of cancer.

[/b] Carrots.

Shredded or grated carrots in hot processing - for example, brewing - loses all its useful properties. Draw conclusions: root wash, clean it, and immerse in boiling water completely - studies have shown that this type of cooking enhances bioavailability of carotenoids.

[b] Tea

Drinking tea is not all-to-one, but if we talk about the positive impact on the body, then in moderation it is a preventive measure for diseases of the cardiovascular system. What is able to deprive him of this function, since this milk. Leave this recipe to the British.


If you already prefer to push it, not cut, then here's another tip: after the hustle do not touch it for about ten minutes - paste sated with a special enzyme called kallitsin, which will improve the platelets passing through the circulatory system, it is definitely the only benefit .

Salad salad.

"Low Fat" - is not always synonymous with "useful". Several studies show that it is not devoid of fat salad dressings reduce the risk of the completeness and help to better grasp the number of nutrients that contains your salad.

Fruit culture.

There are mature apples and pears better than immature - this one will not argue. But it gives us a nutritional point of view? The surviving condition the fruit is completely destroyed chlorophyll, and this leads to an increase in antioxidants.


It is difficult to explain to children that broccoli - one of the most efficient plants in preventing such cancers as breast cancer and skin. While children his hate together, you know that only broccoli, steamed - not fried or cooked - keep all important components for this fight. To improve the properties can include broccoli in the spicy dishes.


Yellow mustard color gives natural dye curcumin produced by certain chemical reactions from turmeric root. Also coloring Curcumin is another product, contributing to reduce the possibility of developing certain cancers. Due to the burning properties of mustard need to eat in moderation, or in large quantities it can cause harm to: burn the mucous membrane of the digestive system, cause skin irritation. It should also be remembered that large portions of mustard cause shortness of breath, loss of consciousness and bradycardia.