7 strange things, which in fact is a defense mechanism of our body

As a child, all of us wondered, "Why after bathing fingers wrinkled, and why we yawn and stretch." But no one could explain.

Or the explanations that we received did not correspond to reality. Well, in fact, is why I say that if I yawn, I want to sleep? I do not want!

In fact, scientists have given these reactions here is the explanation:


No, this is not an attempt to saturate the brain with oxygen, not a sign of fatigue or boredom. Yawn - it is a way to quickly cool the overheated brain. When the body senses that become worse to think, a little sip of cold air restores mental ability.


Although it does serve to cleanse the nasal passages of dust, germs and other irritants, got through the nose into our bodies, it is also the second function. When you sneeze are released from mucus nasal cavity. We try to do a cultural, without flying spray, and in them that's the point. The body uses sneeze as a separate express blowing your nose. That is why sometimes we sneeze on row three or four times.


Take the example of animals: they are always stretches, standing up. This is the best way to stretch the ligaments, muscles fill with blood and ready to move. Otherwise injuries could occur.

"Crumpled Palchikov?

Why do we have the skin on the hands and feet becoming only mint in the rough part of the sole, and not throughout the body? Scientists suggest that it is an evolutionary way to adapt to the long stay in the water. Those who have skin in the water becomes "zhamkanoy" able to move around on the slippery bottom better than his smooth-skinned rivals.

Annoyance at high sound

Scrape foam, metal grinding glass and so on. The response to all these sounds inherited from our ancestors, the apes. High screams in primates indicate danger. Those who distinguish high-pitched sounds bad or does not sufficiently anxious to respond to them - simply did not survive.


Everyone knows that they poured over the body from two reasons: fear and cold. This is also a greeting from hairy ancestors: wool, embarked on end, helped to appear more in the moment of danger, and better protected from the cold by the air gap.


Apart from the method flush eyes mote, it is a necessary defense mechanism for experiencing pain. People who cry feel less discomfort from pain than those who "keeps struggling." Use it, there is nothing to be ashamed of.