The researchers have named the days of prophetic dreams

Now you can interpret dreams, using a scientific approach. Experts analyzed the available literature on solving a dream and compared it with data obtained from real people. As a result, experts have developed a specific scheme for the days of the week. In accordance with it, you can find out what day our dreams are the most truthful.

As it turns out, can be called prophetic dreams at the beginning of the week. Especially on the night of Monday to Tuesday you dream of something associated with the victory. This story to remember and focus on achieving their goals. The next night from Tuesday to Wednesday, dreams are not of a personal prophetic and count on them not worth it.

Dream from Wednesday to Thursday is also valuable. It can indicate the right path to success in the monetary sphere. But those who have not all gone wrong in his personal life, is on Thursday to put next to the bed pad and pen. Chances are that he woke up on Friday, it will burn.

In the night from Friday to Saturday, you can find out the fate of their loved ones. The dream the weekend may prove prophetic in almost any field. Most sleep on Saturday executed within days. But dreams from Sunday to Monday, according to scientists, can not remember. They do not reflect nothing but psychological fatigue accumulated during the week.