8 signs of the need to move forward

We spend a lot of time trying to pretending strong, maintain the status quo. It is better to stop knocking on closed doors. We are afraid of emptiness, but we must remember that the new can enter into life only if you make room for it. According to psychologist Lucia Giovannini, these 8 signs say you need to change something in my life.

1. YOU EXCESSIVE strict with himself

Inflated expectations detach from the real flow of life, make you forget about the present, and think that you will be happy in the future. When will a new relationship, work, home and so on. Expectations are clamped between the past and the future, and do not give to enjoy the moment. How can you feel the magic of this, if the brain is busy with wounds of the past and worries about the future? Instead, try to focus on the beautiful in your life now.

2. SURROUNDING expect you too much

Do not change yourself for the sake of others. It is better to stop someone to communicate, remaining himself than to adapt to the interests of others. It is much easier to soothe a broken heart than to piece together a broken person. When we love, we tend to change themselves for the sake of another person. What does it lead? Does that make us happy? It brings harmony in the relationship? Keep yourself, and you will never be alone.

3. someone is bad for your mood

Everyone likes to surround yourself with positive people. If someone from the family is bad for you, because his words with actions, stop this communication. It is better to be alone, "than with just anyone." True friends, like true love, never go out of your life.

4. YOU LOVE earnestly seeking

You can not make people love you, but you can work on themselves and become worthy of love. Do not ask people to stay in your life, if they want to leave. Love - freedom, not dependence and coercion. It does not mean the end of the end of the world. When a person leaves your life, it teaches you something important. Keep in mind this experience in the following ways, and everything goes wrong.

5. you underestimate YOURSELF

Often the people you love, you do not know the price, taking care of them, you are wasting energy, which will not return. So, it is time to let go of someone who appreciates you enough. We can be difficult to do this, but after breaking up you will most likely ask the question, why not make the move sooner.

6. you sacrifice your happiness

Relationships involve a mutual exchange of love, not a one-sided concern. If you give more than you take, you will soon feel like a loser. It is not necessary to sacrifice her own happiness for the sake of another. It would not be good, partner or relatives do not appreciate the sacrifice.

7. fear prevents change lives

Unfortunately, people rarely embody dreams in life, as every day goes to the small concessions, which ultimately did not lead to the desired result. Sometimes we do it for the money, a sense of security, and sometimes in order to be loved. We blame others is that our dreams have not come true. Calls himself a victim of circumstances.

This position is a slow and painful death of your soul. Have the courage to follow the heart, to risk, to change something that is not pleasant. Easy this way will not, but when he reached the top, you will thank yourself. The less you think about losing, the more chances to win.

8. you are too attached to the past

The past is in the past and can not be changed. The secret of happiness and freedom is not vengeance to those who once hurt. Rely on fate and do not forget the lessons you received from these people. The last chapter is more important than the first. Free yourself from the chains of the past and open your heart for new and wonderful adventure!