Scientists have found that is crucial for weight loss

No matter how much time you spend on physical activities, they still will not help to lose weight, experts have found. No fitness and proper nutrition is crucial for waist size.

Dreaming to lose weight, people often purchase a gym membership, but the exercise is not decisive for the fight against excess weight. The main value still has a diet as discovered by American scientists. It turned out that no physical activity or sedentary lifestyle is not associated with weight gain.

Previous studies have already proven the numerous health benefits of regular exercise, including reducing the risk of heart disease and diabetes. However, now researchers from Loyola University of Chicago have shown that these exercises increase appetite, so that the lost calories a person very quickly offset, while adhering to the less physical activity in the rest of the day.

Previously, researchers have found that when people were asked about their level of physical activity, they often overestimate the figure. Now, for his accurate determination of a group of volunteers put on a special fitness bracelets that they wore during the week. With the help of these devices is determined by the level of energy consumed and the number of steps taken. Researchers also take into account the weight, age and amount of fat in the body volunteers.

Seeing clearly showed that it was a diet is a determining factor in the fight against excess weight. Physical activity is very important, because it is on it is possible to predict the risk of premature death and disability. But it does not determine the amount of human waist, in contrast to its power.