Doctors do not advise to be protected from using earplugs snoring

Many spouses and "snorers' partners use special earplugs in order not to hear the night sounds unpleasant. Now, however, experts in the treatment of ear diseases was told that this habit is dangerous to health.

Earplugs are a very effective tool that helps a person not to hear the night sounds of snoring its second half. Some people snore with a level that is appropriate for asfaltodrobilnoy installation, so bear it no special protective devices is not possible. But now experts say that the use of earplugs is a danger to human hearing.

"You need to tuck earplugs as it is possible more deeply in the ear canal, to achieve the maximum effect - says surgeon from Evelina London Children's Hospital in London, Dr. Daniel Tweedy. - But the farther they are to the ears, the more problems are created. First, they are much harder to pull out, especially when there are earplugs for night accumulates ear wax, heated body temperature. Secondly, there is a risk that the devices will damage the ear canal and thereby cause permanent hearing loss. "

With him agree surgeon from Barts Health NHS Trust in London, Dr. Michael Uoyreng who stress that if the ear plugs stuck in the ears, it will cause much more serious problems. The longer any foreign objects in the ear is, the higher the risk of infection, inflammation and injuries.

As for combating snoring second half, the ear plugs for this purpose should be avoided. Today you can buy pretty spectacular and comfortable headphones that block the flow of unpleasant sounds. Well, if you do not want to use any of these devices, it is best to make it a rule to sleep in different rooms.

Incidentally separate sleep studies show that promotes greater intimacy partners and improve their health, as they sleep better and feel more energetic.