The brain is programmed by nature to laziness

Researchers from Canada came to the conclusion based on the results of his research, that laziness is normal quality human and literally programmed in the brain.

For a long time psychologists have said that with laziness need to fight and this abnormal state of a person.

Now, however, scientists have found that it is not: laziness is natural and inherent in us by nature itself, why it is so difficult to win.

The fact is that our brain is constantly trying to save energy.

Simon Fraser University scientists conducted a series of studies that have shown that the brain in solving any problem is trying to find the easiest way to make as little as possible, because the energy conservation - one of the main goals.

Thus, it was proved that laziness in human nature itself, and thanks to her we always try to find the quickest and easiest way in all situations.

During their study, the researchers recruited a group of volunteers who put on the exoskeleton, significantly hinders any movement. As a result, the volunteers had to overcome a certain distance in a form with high energy consumption.

At this very moment with a special technique, scientists observed the reactions of the brain, which in just a few seconds to get used to the new state and began to look for the easiest solution to achieve this goal.

Participants were given distance, while the cost of energy were minimal.

However, scientists note that this finding does not mean that we should not try to fight with laziness and always follow it, but it is also too blame yourself for not wanting to do something is not worth it, because it is a natural mechanism.