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With the return to fashion of a healthy lifestyle and a blossoming appearance in our diet we added new products. Dietitians choose the most fashionable and the most useful ingredients for nutrition.

Search of a better life - a favorite hobby of mankind, so every thing, event, or even a character attracted attention, it is only to apply to them the Latin word super. The first on "sverhedu" noticed raw foodists and vegans who tirelessly seeking what would this add to smoothies to surprise everyone. Following tightened celebrities who, in turn, looking for what is there to eat to look good.

Goji Berries

Goji - berries from Tibet, a bit like barberry. In China since ancient times referred to as "berries of happiness." First of all thanks to the amazing ability to cheer up instantly. And not only the mood, once the juice of them is called "spousal wine!" However, Hollywood stars like goji is not so much and not only for these wonderful properties, but also anti-aging effect. If more detail in this lovely berry contains 18 amino acids, 8 of which are indispensable, 21 minerals, vitamins E, C, B1 B2 B6 carotene, polysaccharides, and a lot of other useful components. All this helps to normalize metabolism, and hence, reduces weight.

Raw chocolate

Raw chocolate though made from cocoa beans, yet radically different from the usual chocolate. As the name implies, it is prepared without heat treatment, and thus retains all the advantageous properties of beans. If you are used to bind the stress chocolates, switch to raw! On the palate, they are nothing like the usual candy, but it is guaranteed to make you smile wider, not waist as raw chocolate improves mood and blood circulation, relieves fatigue, and also, incidentally, enhances sexual sensation.


Mangosteen is called the "fruit of grace" and "royal fruit". They say that Queen Victoria promised knighthood to anyone who will take to the court fresh mangosteen. It is a pity that in its times it was not possible: the mangosteen grows mainly in Thailand, far away! So someone left without a knighthood, and Queen Victoria did not withdraw from the body toxins. We are in this respect easier now these wonderful fruits, if desired, can be found in every capital of the world. Yes, and mangosteen extract has long learned to produce. In addition to the common vitamins (iron, potassium, phosphorus, thiamin, folic acid, C, D, E) of the mangosteen include very rare antioxidants - catechins and proanthocyanidins. They are found only in green tea and grape seed. And if the tea business is not so bad, is precisely grape seeds should not be abused.

Hawaiian Spirulina

Cine-green algae, which is used in the form of powder, flakes or pellets. One of the main advantages of spirulina - it reduces appetite, so dieters simply adore her. Furthermore, Spirulina is 60% of the protein and comprises a plurality of antioxidants. Excellent source of vitamin A, B, B2 B6 B9 B12 as well as iron, magnesium, calcium, and other trace elements chromium. Many centuries ago, the cake of this alga were the main food of some Indian tribes. In Africa spirulina still collected and compressed into lozenges which can be used as a base for soup or simply there crunching. NASA and the European Space Agency offered spirulina as one of the main products for cultivation during long space flights.

Acai Berries

According to the content of antioxidants acai surpass even these deserving champions, like blueberries and grapes. And they are extremely nutritious, tasty and high in calories! So to lose weight with their help - the occupation unpromising. In South America, the palm tree, which grow these berries are extremely common. Because acai make desserts, drinks, ice cream, and, of course, no exotics do not consider. Brazilians believe that the juice and acai berry to help maintain youthful skin, prevent skin diseases and improve digestion. This product is ideal for people who experience regular and a lot of exercise, and for those whose best friend - a comfortable sofa, perhaps that is not suitable at all.

Amalaki (amla, Indian gooseberry)

Amalaki or amla - is another exotic berry, seemingly very similar to round gooseberries. Only she does not grow on a bush and a tree which is very common in India. Once a year in the country even arranged a holiday in his honor, so appreciate the local beneficial properties of its fruit, leaves and bark. Great yogis who study the science of immortality, believed that amalaki gives youth the body, feelings of freshness and clarity to the mind, strengthens the will to live and a sense of joy. All the shops selling ayurvedic jam amalaki which Mircea Eliade, a researcher of ancient Vedic tradition, called "alchemical jam eternal youth." The content of vitamin C in the juice of berries fabulous 20 times higher than in orange juice. In addition, amalaki is easy to cope with parasites, fungi, and infections, so that Indians love to this plant is very clear.

Chia seeds

Chia seeds (or Spanish sage) has long been familiar to residents of Latin America. Vegetarians in due time they have attracted high content of calcium. It was found that 100 grams of seeds it contains twice as much than a glass of milk. Yes there calcium! Phosphorus, magnesium, manganese, vitamins and fatty acids are also represented in abundance. Not surprisingly, the Aztecs took with them on long hiking and hunting weapons and a bag of these seeds. In a handful of shows so many things that you can to the bitter chasing some poor animals do not have anything like that in someone's diet. But even if you're not going to prosecute anyone and generally lead a sedentary lifestyle, chia seeds would still be useful. They are rich in fiber, have a low glycemic index, and they taste nice.