Chronic insomnia is three times increases the risk of asthma

Chronic insomnia triples the risk of asthma in adulthood. This conclusion was made by scientists from the Norwegian University of Trondheim.

Sleepless nights can cause the development of asthma in adulthood, as established scientists from Norway. Those who toss and turn most of the night and can not fall asleep, more than twice as likely to face this potentially deadly lung disorder. The risk rises even by two-thirds among those who regularly sleeps poorly, according to a study involving almost 18000 adults. The number of cases of chronic insomnia is growing in Russia, according to some calculations of experts, this phenomenon faced up to half the country's population.

Key findings of this study lies in the fact that the victim of chronic insomnia is more than three times more likely to experience asthma compared with those who slept normally. This suggests that certain changes in the organism associated with insomnia may accumulate, resulting in harmful effects on the lungs. Worldwide, asthma affects about 300 million people. Its main risk factors are smoking, obesity and air pollution.

Not so long ago, scientists have linked the symptoms of depression and anxiety at the risk of developing asthma in adulthood. And now it is proved that another reason for this dangerous lung disease can be insomnia. Asthma is dangerous by the fact that it directly or indirectly affects the development of fatal diseases like cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.