Doctors debunked myths about daily hygiene

for his body care and maintenance of order in the environment - the most important rule for every day. But some of the settings that are made to comply with, are delusions, say infectious disease.

Some of the "truths" of hygiene and cleanliness is not really work, experts say. In particular, experts have called a myth the claim that soap kills bacteria on the skin surface. They explained that the usual soap washes effectively with it all impurities - that is, does not destroy bacteria, and makes them less than the number that is also a good prevention of infections.

Also, do not destroy microbes antiseptics, infectious disease specialists noted. "This property belongs only to agents with an alcohol content level of 60-95%. But even such preservatives should be used only on the dirt washed from blood or skin areas ", - stated the paramedics.

Another misconception, according to them, - assume that the appearance of the lice due to the lack of hygiene. Head lice are transmitted by direct contact, and it does not directly related to personal cleanliness, experts stressed.

There is also no direct link between cleanliness and sustainable phenomenon of bad breath. In fact, it occurs in a number of physiological reasons, primarily because of the dryness of mouth, tooth and gum disease, clinicians reported.