Runny nose can point to various diseases

Experts from the United States shared the little-known data about the cold. They argue that the nasal discharge is a marker of the immune system.

Nature rhinitis revealed scientists to make a presentation at the American Chemical Society. The verdict of researchers as follows: "According to a runny nose, you can determine the stage of disease and the existing level of the immune system."

In particular, what happens to the body, can be said to transparency and color of nasal discharge, follows from the report of the experts. Thus, if they are expressed transparent, then no health problems.

But if the allocation viscous, whitish or yellowish - means the body has got a virus. The immune system produces in this case a large number of blood cells, which contributes to the appearance of viscous secretions, blocking the upper airways, explained biochemist.

The more pronounced color has nasal mucus, the better, the researchers said. "Thick mucous discharge, with white, yellow or orange color indicates the body of the virus victory", - said the authors in the course of his speech.

At the same time, green nasal discharge, according to them, is a wake-up call. Scientists explained that the color of the mucus occurs due to the development of the body of the enzyme myeloperoxidase.

This process is associated with certain immune reactions, possible only in cases where the forces to fight the disease is no longer, experts said. They advise in this situation, be sure to consult your doctor.