Good posture will help get rid of depression

Correct posture helps in treating depression, as the researchers found the University of Auckland in New Zealand. It turns out, from a straight back depends on a person's mood.

New Zealand scientists have shown that the correct posture is able to treat depression. Previous studies have already shown that the habit hunch reduces a person's mood, and the ability to sit directly produces the opposite effect. Now, however, scientists first examined, is able to posture or simply by itself to help people with clinical depression. It was found that the straight back allows a person to feel more pride after some success, making it more self-confident. And this is a very positive effect on mood.

Moreover, the habit of sitting with a straight back enhances attentiveness and enthusiasm increases, reducing the expression of fear and positively affecting the self-esteem after a different sort of stressful tasks. These are the conclusions of scientists made after experiments involving 61 volunteers. All people were diagnosed with varying degrees of depression. Part of the volunteers during the execution of control tasks were to sit with a straight back, while others retained the familiar posture. All were asked to say a five-minute speech, which is then subjected to evaluation by other participants, and at the final stage, they need to be considered from 1022 to 0 at intervals 13.

It turned out that people sitting with a straight back, reported a higher level of energy and enthusiasm. They also made speeches more confident and better able to cope with a very responsible job on the countdown.