What products should be in your kitchen, but from what is better to get rid

It is time to fulfill the promise of the New Year, the data itself. Go to nutrition start with a revision of the refrigerator and kitchen cabinets. Let them remain only the most useful products!

Detox today has become a way of life rather than a short-term program to cleanse the body of toxins. Of course, this does not mean that the proponents of detox drink the whole day long only fresh juices and eating only greens.

Life in the style of different detox conscious approach to their nutrition and diet. Drink plenty of water, use the correct methods of cooking (cook, cook steamed or grilled, bake) and buy healthy food. Supporters of detox choose for themselves only the most nutritious foods and by "food waste" easily discarded.

We tell us what products should urgently release the shelves of your refrigerator, and what you have to fall in love with all my heart and will not let go.

Tell them, "Goodbye!":


About harm mayonnaise today do not know, perhaps the only one who has spent the past few decades in the information blockade. The reasons for which the mayonnaise in a list of "forbidden" foods, several. First, it's pretty high-calorie, so add it to absolutely any dish from your menu is not very reasonable and good for health.

Secondly, for the production of mayonnaise of store frequently used products are not of the best quality that makes it a dangerous high-calorie "time bomb".

Refined sugar

Try to minimize the amount of sugar consumed. Of course, you do not need to turn into a paranoid and try to discover it in all the products and the visitors from the nose birthday cake. Cut down the sugar that can. That would be a great achievement.

The fact that sugar not only responsible extra pounds, but also in the fall of immunity at 17 (!) Times and thinning of the intestinal walls, in which ingested toxins, causing a number of negative factors. Are you willing to pay the price for the sweet life?

Baked goods made with white flour

In the age of modern technology and the global Internet from your favorite baking can be dispensed with entirely painless. Look for recipes on the net right cakes, pastries and chocolates, for the preparation of which you do not need flour. They include only wholesome ingredients, so these will not harm sweets in moderation.

What is the problem of flour? This so-called empty calories, and total lack of useful nutrients.


Are you sure you can not live without the product, which in some surprising way manufactured so that they will survive a nuclear war? We think that all you can, just do not want to. In their structure, you will not find anything useful. If this is not an argument, then remember that for the canning industry uses low-quality products. It is a pledge of their low cost.

Dairy products

Here things are not so simple. Dairy products, of course, must be present in your diet, but with regard to the cow milk and products on its basis, it is necessary to know the measure.

Scientific studies have shown that due to the high lactose content of this product is simply not suitable for humans. The gastrointestinal tract is quite suffer as a result of excessive consumption of milk, and on the face may appear treacherous pimples and inflammation.

Love them:


Lemon - a valuable source of vitamin C. It is necessary for our body whenever and wherever. If he lacks this vitamin, the body's defenses fall, and viruses and infection make themselves known.

For greater effect, add the lemon in green tea. Antioxidants are present in a large amount in the latter, to improve the body's ability to absorb ascorbic acid.


Garnet strengthens the immune system a beneficial effect on the heart and blood vessels, gently cleanses the body and normalizes the work of many organs. This fruit is simply obliged to be in the diet of every healthy and happy person. And what it is delicious!

Broccoli and Brussels sprouts

Absolutely all kinds of cabbage can boast a rich and impressive composition useful properties. True broccoli and brussels sprouts visibly stand out on their background, because they gently cleanse the body, bringing it from toxins.

The simplest and at the same time a delicious way to cook these vegetables - boil them steamed or baked with a little oil and spices.


Avocado is famous for its high content in the composition of polyunsaturated fatty acids omega-3. For comparison, these substances are also present in red fish, nuts and olive oil. From this we can conclude that despite the high caloric content, avocados are extremely useful.

Avocado can be prepared in a huge number of mouth-watering breakfast, nutritious salads, smoothies and unusual succulent snacks.


Spinach is rich in vitamins and minerals. It would seem normal greens, but the regular use of this product significantly improves the gastrointestinal tract, and enhance immunity. Spinach is also quite a lot of fiber, which guarantees long-term saturation and charges the body with energy.

[/b] Berries.

Berries - a valuable source of antioxidants. Getting in the human body, they enter the fight free radicals that undermine the immune system. If your diet there is quite a lot of berries, then the disease will bypass your side.

The berries can be eaten fresh, but also add to smoothies and morning cereal, correct and healthy desserts.


Just one tablespoon of good honey is able to create wonders with your body. Eat it regularly to be healthy and literally glow health. Surprisingly, not only honey has a tonic and antiseptic properties, but also helps with flatulence and overeating.

Note: Honey should not be subjected to heat treatment, because all of its beneficial properties disappear at high temperatures.


The diet of a healthy person must be present pulses, which many wrongly bypassed. Your food will be much more diverse and interesting, if you like chickpeas, peas, lentils, beans, and other representatives of the gastronomic group.

All legumes, without exception, a lot of iron and vegetable protein. That is why they are so fond of vegetarians. Keep up!


Ginger - a storehouse of nutrients and is a real home pharmacy. In Chinese medicine, this product is used as a medicament over a thousand years.

It is useful for colds, bowel and stomach disorders, constipation, bloating. Furthermore, ginger promotes better absorption of nutrients by the human body.


Nuts are good for health, beauty and intelligence. The day is enough to eat a handful of what some nuts to make up for the daily needs of some vitamins and minerals. Do not deprive yourself and your body a powerful support and purchasing nuts for the future.

Alternative flour.

She loves the oven, but somewhere above, we exclude white flour from the list of approved products? No problem! Today the range of any large store is quite diverse and can offer you more cool and useful alternatives.

Note wholegrain wheat, gluten-free, oats, rice, almond. To get used to the new taste, start adding in alternative flour cakes on a par with wheat. Since the transition to useful options happen quite naturally.

Alternative milk.

There are a useful alternative to not only wheat flour, and cow's milk. Often analogs like customers even more. The secret to their interesting and bright taste. Like soy, almond, coconut, and other interesting options for milk. They can be added to beverages, cereal and desserts.