Products that have not immediately tastier

Going to the store to shop, we strive to buy only the most healthy and fresh food. However, there are a number of products that have little to mature, to gain its unique taste. It certainly is not about overdue milk or darkened potatoes, which in any case should not be eaten. We're talking about seasoned foods, for which "the second freshness" better than the first.

1. Meat

For many fresh meat is associated with quality and freshness, like, say, fresh milk. But remember that the term can be applied to the meat only if it is not more than 4 hours. Consequently, even on the market, you are unlikely to find such a fresh product.

If you have already upset about this, then we hasten to assure you that seasoned meat is much more tender and has a much more pronounced taste. For example, chicken is best eaten on the second day, and lamb and pork - a week. For beef, this period ranges from two weeks to five months.

2. Pickled and salted products.

If you like to treat yourself to homemade pickles or, for example, sauerkraut, you probably know that the more full-bodied taste this native Russian snack becomes only after a few weeks. Be patient, before making pickles on the table and buying a ready-made pickled or salted foods, pay attention to the date of salting or leaven.

3. Puer Tea

Puer - a unique postfermentirovanny tea, which not only does not deteriorate with time, but it becomes even tastier. Experts believe that the taste of this tea is really disclosed after 20 years, if all conditions for correct storage of the product. But be careful when buying. Now, many sellers are eager to ascribe Puer tea being sold a couple of extra years to raise the price.

4. Alcoholic beverages

Of course, not all alcoholic beverages over the years become better. The taste of aged whiskey or cognac really every year becomes richer, revealing new facets. Actually this statement and fortified wines such as port, madeira and sherry.

But the classic dry wines can not be kept forever, and only high-class specialist will tell you how many years one or the other sort of wine will reach its peak flavor. In any case, if you are willing to wait, equip a suitable place where no sunlight penetrates, and the temperature does not rise above 14 degrees.

5. Cheese

Most often, the difference in price on the same kind of cheese depends on its age. After all, the younger the cheese, so it is softer, and true gourmets prefer a hard cheese with a pronounced flavor. For the maturation of many favorite parmesan takes an average of 2 years, but in stores you can find and parmesan cheese with an annual exposure at a lower price.

This pricing applies to the "Gouda", and the famous Swiss cheese, so if you consider yourself to be connoisseurs of this product, choose a more mature cheese. And if such taste nuances for you is not very principled, you can save a little.

6. Kefir

Another drink in our today's list - a yogurt. It is believed that dairy products, our body can absorb more easily, which is why many are happy to drink kefir is to maintain intestinal microflora. But not all so simple.

The fact that the young yogurt, in which the beneficial bacteria work more actively, can cause bloating, which will agree, not very nice. In order to avoid the negative consequences of the use of this valuable product for the body, choose a more mature yogurt, which differs slightly darker color and characteristic bundle of the contents of the bottle.