Reset unnecessary: ??simple and effective tips on losing weight

If you decide to lose weight once and for all, do it right, not hoping for instant results. Use the simple basic tips professionals who will help you get in shape.

We all want to look beautiful and slim. Not the last role is played here by the power, which affects the metabolism and helps us get rid of the extra kilos, as well as keep in shape when the desired result has been achieved.

But how should eat to be in good shape? You probably already have heard all the basic tips on nutrition, but it is better to always have them at hand, not to give in to a moment of weakness and not deviate from the intended path to harmony, youth and beauty.

1. Do not stress seized

Stress is a major cause of overeating. And more often than trying to "seize" the problem, we are not a low-calorie nibbling carrots, and sweet biscuits. If you feel that you can not at this point to deal with hunger, drink a cup of green tea, first, take a bath or do some asanas. This will help you to switch and relax a bit, then hunger will be felt not so much.

2. Do not confuse thirst and hunger

We often confuse these two basic needs of the body, and instead of drinking a glass of still water, a snack is not very useful food. If you do this, too, is peculiar, then try the next time you come up with the idea of ??eating, drinking small sips a glass of water and wait 5 minutes. Most likely, you have then do not want to.

3. Do not skip breakfast

This is a very simple piece of advice, which is nevertheless, many ignore, justifying the fact that the morning meal is simply no time. As a result of this ill-advised approach to diet leads to overeating in the evening, when the body is no longer possible to spend the calories eaten and it automatically puts them in reserve.

4. Eat less salt

Salt certainly makes even simple vegetables taste better, but do not abuse it. It ignites the appetite, as well as delays in the body fluid causing swelling. As a result, you get a flabby body and the extra weight on the scales. To prevent this from happening, add salt to any dish already on the plate, not during cooking and, of course, watch the amount of salt.

5. Hide sweets.

It would seem that such a banal, but incredibly effective advice. If you are opening a kitchen cabinet, will be constantly bumping into packs of your favorite cookies and bowls of sweets, you will want something to eat from it. That is why remove them there, where you can not see every day, and to extract only when you really want something sweet.

6. Do not scold yourself

Since we mentioned the fact that you can afford to your favorite treats, it is worth noting that it is not necessary for it themselves then criticize. The process of weight loss is impossible without small violations of diet, it is important only to ensure that this was not more than 1 time in 2-3 weeks. And treat yourself to a piece of cake or chocolate, get real pleasure from it without remorse.

7. Do not starve

This mistake made by those who are hoping for quick results, forgetting that extra weight saved by years and get rid of them for a week is impossible. In addition, hunger - a very strong stress for the body, and then return to the usual diet, you risk to get more kilos than they lost during the famine. It is better to rationally approach the issue of weight loss and not wait for instant results.

8. Eat Meat

Meat - it is known to be a protein that is not deposited at the waist in the form of body fat, so replace all meat products for poultry and lean meats. But there is one important point: Try to cook meat dishes without oil, for example, for a couple, in the oven or on the grill.

9. Do not be distracted during food.

The modern pace of life compels us to do several things at once. We often watch TV, read or work on the computer while eating, and to do so not worth it. Plan your day so that devote at least 10-15 minutes for each meal. So you will avoid overeating and regular longer you feel full.

10. Reduce consumption of sugar

If you are used to put sugar in your tea or coffee, try to replace it with honey, agave syrup or stevia. This is not only useful but also delicious. And if you can not resist the chocolate bar, which contains almost weekly rate of sugar, just brush your teeth. Peppermint flavor mute the desire to eat something sweet.

11. Eat regularly

This advice is known to all, but not all follow him. We agree that hard to get used to the new schedule is on the clock, but if at the initial stage of efforts, the body will thank you necessarily. You will feel more energetic, and the extra weight will begin to melt before our eyes.