Depression increases the risk of death from cancers 4 times

Positive mood is one of the best ways to win in cancer treatment, as established British researchers. They found that suffering from anxiety and depressive disorders more often people leave this life after battling with tumors.

Scientists from University College London and the University of Edinburgh conducted a meta-analysis of 16 studies involving 163000 people to determine how the patient's mood affects his chances of fighting cancer. In general, it appears that more depressed because of his diagnosis of people 32% more likely to die because of this severe disease. And for different types of tumors, this relationship could be even more pronounced.

For example, patients suffering from leukemia, almost 4 times more often went out of life, if at the same time they have observed anxiety and depressive disorders. In prostate tumors, pancreatic or esophageal risk of death in the case of bad mood grew twice.

The results of this analysis are further proof of the great importance of the patient's emotional mood. Previous studies have already shown that psychological disorders are associated with an increased risk of heart disease, but until recently it was unclear whether it affects the survival of cancer patients. In general, for all the participants of the study we observed, on average, 9.5 years, and all asked questions about their psychological state. The died more than 4000 people during the observation period.

The study adjusted for age, sex, level of education and socio-economic status of patients as well as their body mass index, smoking and level of alcohol consumption.