5 tips on how not to miss the alarm signal in the morning

Although for most people wake-up call in the morning is a powerful irritant, without this simple device many of us are not able to get up on time and go to work. German psychologists have given 5 simple tips to help you never miss the signals alarms.

Do not put the alarm clock too close. Its proximity makes it quite quickly turn off the alarm at the first signals that immediately immerse the person in a dream. Try to put the alarm at a distance and get out of bed to turn it off. This is an effective way to wake up. But do not put the alarm clock too far, or you simply do not hear.

Set the alarm to signal every 15 minutes for an hour before you really need to wake up and get up . This will provide sufficient time for the preparation of the brain and the rest of the body to the morning rise.

If the alarm is set in the mobile phone, use the volume gradually increases with each new signal . Thereby, you simply can not ignore the alarm operation and fast wake up.

If the alarm is on your table next to the bed, make sure you activate the vibration signal. In contact with a solid surface alarm clock with vibration produces much louder sound, and you simply will not have no choice but to rise from the bed.

Do not put on a soothing alarm ringtones. Of course, the sharp sound of a bugle Pioneer in the morning it will be extremely unpleasant, and thus stress levels can rise. But if the alarm signal is a kind of soothing symphonic music, then under the signal you will sleep even stronger.