7-day diet, which eliminates the delay

Many people suffer from excessive body weight due to only what is present in their body fluid retention. This is quite a serious problem, because it felt very uncomfortable, there is puffiness.

But there is good news. All this can be avoided if you eat right. We need a proper diet.

Experts spoke about the 7-day diet to combat fluid retention in the body as much as possible in a natural way. This allows you to reduce the amount of your body and feel unprecedented ease and activity.

What is fluid retention?

Fluid retention, edema, or perhaps as a pathology and a temporary condition, veins due to high temperatures.

If we are talking about the disease, it is likely there is a problem with blood circulation, heart, liver or kidneys. And here can help a doctor as needed professional diagnosis and timely treatment.

Noticing this phenomenon very easily, it is characterized by a sharp increase in body weight, as well as its volume. Everything becomes "bloated" and swollen. This is especially noticeable in the area of ??the waist, legs and ankles.

Although fluid retention is not always associated with being overweight, obesity very often becomes the cause of such a state.

7-day diet

This diet is designed for 7 days, that the name implies. And indeed, after a week you will feel greatly relieved, and the body volume is significantly reduced.

However, it has not repeated again, it is advisable to try to adhere to at least some of healthy habits, which will be discussed below.

This diet is perfect for everyone. Its main feature - it's cleansing properties, which is very useful for the liver and kidneys.

It is very useful to sit on cleansing diet before the onset of heat, or when the body itself feels such a need (if severe swelling).

However, before embarking on an independent "treatment", it is desirable to still consult your doctor, especially if you suffer from any medical condition or are taking medication.

General principles

It is necessary to completely eliminate from your diet cookbook (or refined) salt. It can be replaced by a moderate amount of sea salt or Himalayan, and you can use sea water, if possible.

You should also avoid consumption of salt-containing foods, such as crackers, bread, peanuts, etc.

And in order to give their dishes taste and flavor, you can use natural spices and condiments (is cayenne pepper, curry, paprika, and so forth.), Vinegar, lemon juice and fresh herbs (basil, oregano, thyme, etc.)
Also it is necessary to abandon the consumption of sugar and sugary foods, as this will only complicate the situation.

Morning (breakfast)

Start your day with, we recommend two glasses of warm water, you can drink and hot water with lemon juice. It is important therefore to strengthen your body after a night's rest. Then every organ of your body already starts.

After 20 minutes, then prepare itself nutrient cocktail.

Ingredients: 1 celery stalk, 1 pear, a slice of fresh pineapple, 1/2 cucumber, a pinch of grated fresh ginger (or powder), 1 tablespoon of organic coconut oil (15 g), 1 cup of oatmeal some water (200 ml).


Mix in blender all ingredients and drink the resulting drink small sips.

If you want to have breakfast more closely to satisfy your hunger, you can eat some toast of wholemeal bread with avocado and a cup of green tea.

Day (lunch)

For lunch or dinner choose one of the options yourself:

The first dish

Gazpacho (cold tomato soup), or vegetable juice homemade.

Vegetable soup or salad.

The second dish


A fish.



As a garnish all of these dishes can be accompanied by brown rice.

[/b] dessert.

Apple compote.

Fresh pineapple.

Marmalade /jelly with agar-agar.

The second half of the day (lunch)

In the second half of the day will need to be sure to drink an infusion of horsetail (this plant is called a pony tail). It is a diuretic and remineralizing properties.

If you are very hungry, you can snack natural yogurt with nuts, some fruit, etc.

Evening (dinner)

In the evening, do not overeat, it is known to all. We must try to have dinner as early as possible. Choose for yourself one of the following options:

The first dish

Gazpacho (cold tomato soup), or vegetable juice homemade.


Vegetable puree or cream soup.


The second dish

A fish.



Fresh salted cheese.

You can add a slice of whole-wheat bread or a serving of brown rice.


An Apple.


A handful of nuts.

If this diet was effective and helped you, then after a week-long period, you can continue to adhere to some of the above recommendations on the power to rid yourself of the appearance of fluid retention problems in the future.