Bulimia are treated with electroshock

Electroconvulsive therapy in the near future may become an effective treatment for bulimia. The study found that electrical stimulation of certain areas of the brain helps to control this eating disorder, reducing the degree of craving for food.

The uncontrolled binge eating or bulimia is dangerous to life and health disorders that victims often suffer from excess weight, obesity, cardiovascular disease, depression and cancer. Now, however, researchers have found that junk food cravings can be suppressed due to electrical stimulation of certain brain areas. Technique electroconvulsive therapy can reduce the symptoms of eating disorders the key that will help its victims to bring the situation under control.

Bulimia is characterized by a closed cycle in which repeated uncontrolled overeating and vomiting, extreme diets and the abuse of drugs. Victims bulimia tend to have an unhealthy obsession with their own weight, proportions and appearance features. Over time, all this causes nervous exhaustion, and that provokes dependence.

For their study, researchers from Imperial College London attracted 39 bulimia victims. They all passed through a procedure called transcranial whereby used electrodes placed on the head for specific effects on electrical brain areas. Results of electroshock therapy compared with the results of the volunteers who received placebo treatment.

It turned out that in the first group of the key symptoms of bulimia nervosa is significantly reduced due to the effects of electricity. In general, a craving for junk food intake could be reduced by 31%. Although preliminary results are quite modest, the researchers noted certain improvements in the status of victims of bulimia.