The reason for the problems with the weight with proper nutrition can be hidden ailments

If in spite of the many efforts you are unable to lose weight, should be examined by a specialist - it is likely, it is a hidden ailments and malfunctions of internal organs, doctors say.

Most of us run to the doctor only when the disease already starts to progress, whereas in European countries decided to pass the so-called preventive examinations once every few months or six months, depending on the profile of a specialist dietician told Lyudmila Babich

"Excess weight with a balanced diet and sports is often a signal of serious problems. The most common of them - a hormonal imbalance, thyroid disruption and gastrointestinal tract. It is important to remember that a good intestinal microflora contributes to the overall splitting and absorption of nutrients. But if it is broken, vitamins and minerals are not completely digested and fats are not broken down and delayed. So it makes sense to consult a specialist and surveyed on the subject of dysbiosis or candidiasis. The cause of excess weight can be a violation of water-salt metabolism, or the body's excretory systems problems ", - said the expert.

Marvel weight problems is not worth to those who for a long time was fond of various rigid and radical diets. Any restrictions on food and hunger slows metabolism. In addition, following a diet aimed at rapid weight loss, weight, as a rule, very quickly returned, and with a "makeweight", says the doctor.

In addition, the majority of diets that recommend us girlfriends and the internet, aimed at reducing the amount of carbohydrates. Nutritionists say: it certainly leads to overeating later.

"Carbohydrates - the main source of energy, and the long-running (if it is, of course, is not about sweets), and therefore they must be present in the daily menu in sufficient quantities. In addition, they help to maintain the optimum level being in the brain chemical serotonin, which, among other functions, also controls our appetite, "- says the doctor.