5 Secrets ideal

Italian cuisine is considered to be the most exquisite and beloved all over the world. Pizza, wine, cheese, crispy bruschetta, pasta - there is no such person who would remain indifferent to these culinary masterpieces.

Today, Italian dishes are served in most restaurants around the world. They bribe that is truly universal. This applies especially to the paste, because it can be prepared in very different ways: with cream or tomato sauce, meat or vegetarian. However, you can taste delicious pasta, not only in the restaurant.

Experts told how to hone your culinary skills to the professionalism and how to learn to cook this dish even tastier than the restaurant.

Do not cook the pasta beforehand

We know that such a time-management, and we understand your desire to use every free minute in the case, but only if it is not cooking pasta for dinner. Pasta is good hot and fresh from the stove. It is not even discussed. You do not want to eat for dinner stuck together pasta instead of refined pastas?

But it happens sometimes that you first cook spaghetti or linguine, and then start making the sauce. This is also a big mistake. While the paste cools down, it evaporates from valuable moisture, which is the most wonderful way reveals itself in the hot sauce. As a result, the dish becomes dry and not very tasty.

Unfortunately, not always work optimally podgadat time. It is a question of training and skill. Try to remember, how long does it take you to boil the pasta of your choice to the state of al dente. This simple technique will significantly facilitate your culinary life and make a paste even tastier.

Do not turn off the fire, sending the pasta into the sauce

It would seem that complicated to mix the pasta, sauce, and finally to the table the perfect dinner. Alas, many do it incorrectly. Remember, as usually happens in your kitchen? Add the pasta to the sauce, turn off the heat and stir everything well?

A small, but very important secret: Boil the pasta until al dente state (not digest), and then immediately submit to the pan or saucepan of boiling sauce. Do not turn off the heat and continue to cook the dish over high heat for 2-3 minutes. Hot pasta absorbs all the flavor and aroma of the sauce, and dinner will truly divine. The sauce will thicken, rich and creamy.

Do not pour the cooking liquid

If you immediately get rid of the cooking liquid, and do not use it in the preparation of your favorite pasta, much to lose. The fact is that during cooking allocates starch paste that remains in the water. That is why the cooking liquid can be used safely for the final touches. Dilute the sauce it, so it was more creamy and homogeneous.

The cooking liquid is also going to move if your sauce will be too thick or it is not enough for a little amount of paste you decoctions. Of course, it is not necessary to store all the cooking liquid. Typically, glass is enough. No one will tell you how much cooking liquid you need, do everything in the eye and be sure to try the dish.

Cooking liquid should be added until the paste is still on fire. The sauce should be warm, the dish was finished.

Add cheese final.

Cheese - a refined ingredient that is able to do any more delicious pasta. Usually it is added in the final stages of preparation, but it should be done properly.

Do not add cheese until the paste on the stove. At first glance it seems that way, on the contrary, it is better, because the cheese has melted, allowing the sauce to become creamier and more interesting. In fact, the hot temperatures make the cheese has a velvety and buttery. Dish it does not decorate.

Remove the pasta from the heat, let it sit for 20 seconds, so it's a bit cold. Then add the grated cheese or slices. Get a very tasty and appetizing.

Remember that there is not only a cream sauce

Creamy sauce is the most popular addition to pasta. And this is not surprising, because he is so exquisite that instantly transported to a luxury restaurant and feel like a true gourmet.

Many so addicted to creamy sauce that they forget that the pasta can be cooked in many different ways. Instead, you can use the cream sauce tomato, pesto and avocado pulp.

Furthermore, the paste may be not only beef but also vegetarian. Juicy vegetables are a great alternative to sauces and will please all lovers of delicious, but a light meal.