Citrus fruits help to prevent obesity and stroke

One can hardly find a person who would not know about the benefits of citrus. We use citrus in the preparation of various dishes, squeeze juice from them or use them as a whole.

But not all of us know that oranges and lemons help us fight obesity.

Citrus bring great benefit to the health of our liver and heart. These beneficial properties of citrus due to their components such as flavonones.

First of all it is necessary to note one very important detail: when buying fruit citrus choose organic, grown without the use of pesticides.

Only in this way you will be able to derive maximum benefit from these gifts of nature.

At a meeting of the American Health Association and Chemistry, held last August, we discussed the results of an interesting study on the benefits of citrus on human health.

The results of this study were published in several scientific journals. They allow us to complement the well-known information about Citrus new details. They can be considered as yet another argument in favor of regular use of these fruits.

Oranges and lemons against overweight

Today, obesity has become a serious problem that threatens the health of many people. For example, excess weight increases the chances of developing many diseases of the heart and liver, and is a risk factor for diabetes.

Because obesity increases oxidative stress, inflammatory processes appear. All this provokes the emergence of dangerous to human health reactions.

Obesity is a serious problem, so the sooner we begin to deal with it, the better.

Those of us who believe that it needs to "have a little" wrong. The most important thing - to eat properly. It is important to watch carefully what kind of food gets to our plates. We can say that it is more important than its quantity.

These citrus fruits like lemons, oranges and pomelos, contain large amounts of antioxidants. Regarding the latter, among them the need to highlight particularly flavanones.

Flavanones, contained in citrus, help to cope with oxidative stress, caused by the accumulation of fat. Regular consumption of this fruit makes it easier to fight the fat deposits.

It must be remembered that a glass of water with lemon juice in itself does not allow us to lose weight quickly, but we greatly facilitates this task, making fat mass more vulnerable.

Fat accumulations weakening. Citrus stimulate the work of our liver and help to lower blood glucose levels. The use of these fruits is a good prevention of fatty deposits in the abdomen and waist.

Citrus flavanones reduce the risk of stroke

Ischemic stroke represents another serious threat to the health and lives of people today. At the same time more women than men at risk of suffering from a stroke.

Unfortunately, there is no means capable of a hundred percent to protect us from this serious disease. But the risk of stroke can be significantly reduced.

Contained in the citrus flavanones reduce the likelihood of stroke by 19%. These substances inhibit thrombosis and, most importantly, help to maintain in good condition of the brain vessels.

LiveScience magazine has published the results of a study that women who daily consume lemons, oranges and pomelo, 19% less than others at risk of suffering from ischemic stroke.

At the same time experts note one very important detail, which can not be neglected: the need to avoid commercial citrus juices as they contain a lot of sugar and are not useful.

Citrus fruits should be eaten fresh. The use of industrial juice increases the risk of obesity and diabetes.

In what form is best to eat these fruits? It is better to eat the whole citrus than prepare them to other dishes.

It is a white pulp of lemons and oranges hides the most important secret of these fruits. Unfortunately, very often we throw this piece of citrus.

Do not make this mistake. To make best use of flavanones, you need to eat the white pulp of citrus.

Flavanones, not only is an excellent prevention of obesity and stroke, but also help in the treatment of colorectal cancer and breast cancer.

Due to our improved circulation antiplatelet and vasodilatory properties of the antioxidant.

So next time you clean the oranges do not throw their white flesh.

If you prefer lemons, try to cook more often the so-called "frozen lemon". This special technique to the maximum benefit from this fruit.

To do this, you must freeze the number of lemons. After that, you can always get the fruit and rub them on a grater, to add in a cocktail or salad.

This technique allows you to use the whole lemon, including peel and white pulp.

In conclusion, it should be noted again that to maintain good health and prevent disease we need to eat a balanced way. It consciously and wisely in choosing food. That this is the secret of our inner balance.