Named the signs of the beginning of ovarian cancer

The presence of certain symptoms should prompt a woman to turn to experts for testing and treatment. Doctors from the United States extended their appeal to the fair sex, which claim that the knowledge of the risk of fatal disease helps prevent it.

On the first sign of ovarian cancer women told researchers from the Cancer Research Center in Philadelphia. Doctors have called a number of markers, noting that their presence for some time have to be alerted and become a reason for writing to the gynecologist.

Among the most indicative signs of the disease, doctors have identified the occurrence of bloating or swelling in the area of ??the body. Also about the disease may indicate long-term back pain in the lower abdomen, pain during sex, menstrual irregularities. In addition to this initial indication is ovarian cancer with nutritional problems - early satiety, weight loss (although the woman is not trying to lose weight specifically).

"These symptoms are fairly common. However, if they last more than two weeks, you should definitely see a doctor ", - stated the scientists from the Center for Research on Cancer.

Oncologists have warned that the risk of developing ovarian cancer is becoming more important as a woman's age. Nearly half of all cases of disease observed in women aged 63 years, they are concretized.

According to statistics, among the variety of ovarian cancer tumors is the first in frequency space. Guile in this disease is that it can develop even in women with no obvious precipitating factors.