Benefits trays with vinegar for

Vinegar - is a product that is at hand every good housewife. Because it can be used not only in the kitchen, but also as a cleaning agent or a deodorant, but also for therapeutic purposes.

About this we must not forget, as the vinegar - a frequent ingredient in various home remedies.

For example, it is a great alternative for nail care and foot skin and effectively solves the problems such as leg fatigue, cracked heels or even fungal infections.

Benefits trays with vinegar for your feet

Most often used for this purpose an ordinary white vinegar, apple cider but also nice, as he has the necessary qualities to solve the above problems.

That's what the advantages of this product:

1. Relieves tired legs

If you had to go through a lot and you have spent the whole day on their feet (standing), it is likely that you have legs "buzz" or even hurt. To get rid of this discomfort, you can make yourself a foot bath.


1 cup of vinegar (250 ml).
Sea salt 1 cup (200 g).
same Epsom salt (200 g).
1/2 cup dried lavender (30 g).


Pour hot water (the temperature must be acceptable) in a basin of sufficient volume or a special bath for the feet. It is important that during the procedure you are in a comfortable position, it will allow you to relax.

Add all ingredients and mix (within one minute).

Immerse your feet in the tub and sit as 15 minutes.

Relax and feel the discomfort recedes and your feet becomes easy.

2. Suitable for regular care foot skin.

Vinegar can help you to take care of the skin of their feet and make it smooth and beautiful, as active compounds, are included in it, effectively removed the cracks and calluses. And that's what you need to do:


1 cup white vinegar (200 mL).
7 liters of warm water.
20 drops of essential oil (your choice).


The soft brush.


Mix all ingredients in a large container.

Soak feet in the tub for 15 minutes.

Then use a pumice stone to remove dead cells from the skin surface (corn).

After take a soft brush and walk it on the fingers and instep area.

Thoroughly dry the skin of the feet and apply moisturizing cream with light massage movements.

This foot bath (if you do it at least 1 time per week) will help to maintain the skin of the feet soft, smooth and well hydrated. You'll forget what calluses and cracked heels.

In addition, this tool will help to get rid of even the unpleasant foot odor and significantly reduce the risk of fungal infection.

3. Treats "athlete's foot?

Vinegar is ideal for the treatment of athlete's foot, or as it is called, "athlete's foot". If you add the vinegar foot bath, it will greatly reduce the unpleasant symptoms of athlete's foot, and ultimately help treat this condition completely.


1/2 cup white distilled vinegar (125 mL).
1 tablespoon of salt.
water, in sufficient quantity to cover the feet.


Heat the water to an acceptable temperature for you and pour it into a large container or a special bath for the feet.

Soak feet to 15 minutes.

Then thoroughly dry the skin and apply it distilled vinegar directly to the affected areas. Allow it to dry yourself.

White vinegar, in principle, can be replaced and on Apple, it will also be effective. This foot bath, it is desirable to do every day for 10 days. It quickly relieve the itching and flaking characteristic with mycosis.

4. Treats fungus nails.

The effectiveness of vinegar against fungal infections has been known for a long time. So that this natural remedy will help you get rid of nail fungus on my feet.


1 cup white vinegar (250 mL).
Sufficient water.


Heat the water until it was warm.

Add it
cup of vinegar.
Immerse your feet in the resulting liquid for 15 minutes.

To be most effective, it is recommended to do such a bath at least twice a day.

The acidity of the vinegar pH restores and relieves symptoms nail caused by a fungus.

As with mycosis, white vinegar can be replaced by Apple, it is also very effective to eliminate the inflammation and pain associated with the presence of a fungal infection.