Refusal to allow sex to live longer?

If you want to live longer, give up sex. Researchers from the University of Sheffield in the United Kingdom emphasized that the nuns have a more durable immunity - they are less vulnerable to infections.

For centuries, mankind is looking for the magic elixir of life, which gives immortality, or miracle drugs that could help prolong life for many years. But now British scientists believe that figured out how to increase life expectancy. However, this method will not like every person, because it implies the rejection of celibacy or sex.

Abstinence from sex can help to live longer, research shows. The authors believe that this explains the amazing life expectancy of nuns who, in theory, should not indulge in intimate pleasures. It is known that nuns live longer than the average woman. However, other scientists believed that this is due to a more ordered monastic life in which there is no place worry about finding a job, the birth and upbringing of children, as well as many other problems.

The researchers found that the beetles breed mealworm live longer by avoiding matings. But those who tried to produce offspring every day, died significantly younger age. When mating beetles in the body releases a hormone, which is needed for the production of an insect sperm in males and eggs in females. However, this hormone has a negative effect on the immune system. As a result, the immune system of insects been compromised, and they no longer threatened with a potentially deadly infection.

Note that this mechanism is not observed in humans, but the study's authors believe that the example shows the nuns favor of abandoning sex. In humans, the immune system is also weakened during lovemaking - this is what explains the ease of spread of diseases, sexually transmitted diseases.