6 myths about water, which should not believe

The sports and fashion magazines write about the benefits of water with surprising regularity. In social networks, many divergent and sometimes conflicting information about it. Experts dismantled popular misconceptions and found out when, in what form and quantity of water consumed.

1. It is necessary to drink eight glasses a day

Formula eight glasses wanders from log to log. It is absurdly simplistic rule, published in the foreign press as early as 1945 suggests that consumed (including with food) fluid per day is equivalent to about two liters of water. Water can be consumed in any form in the soup, juices, fruits and vegetables, tea. But the phrase "drink eight glasses of water a day" is taken literally.

Two liters - average size, suitable for a healthy adult, is not engaged in physical labor. Men and women, athletes and office workers, inhabitants of cold and hot countries require different amounts of water.

It is best to rely on thirst. Do you want to drink - drink. The main thing - to make up the loss of water, ensuring the metabolism, which is especially important for people suffering from obesity. Scientists from the Indian Medical College in Mumbai, Navi conducted a study on a group of people 18-23 years old, who for eight weeks drinking half a liter of water a day. At the end of the experiment test weight dropped.

Drinking water in the pure form is also useful. Unlike juice, coffee or milk, the water does not contain caffeine, fat, carbohydrates and other substances that can harm the body with immoderate use.
In 2010 researchers found that drinking water before meals reduces calorie intake.

2. It is necessary to drink bottled water

This misconception is supported completely objective data about the poor quality of tap water. But if from the tap flows meet sanitary standards, or passed through the filter of water, it is enough to boil. Filter change regularly.

Manufacturers produce distilled and mineral water. Due to the sodium content of mineral water useful to use when exercising. But if the water is therapeutic, it can not drink to quench your thirst.

3. Drinking while eating is bad

It's funny, but people say, convinced of the benefits and harm of soups is the bread dry rations. In fact, drinking water, food, we help the stomach digest eaten.

4. Drink during exercise is harmful

Old Soviet athletes sometimes say that drunk during exercise increases the blood volume of the liquid, causing the heart to make more effort at work. In fact, everything is exactly the opposite. With the loss of fluid blood becomes thicker. This complicates the work of the heart muscle. Nutritionists and trainers are advised to drink at any time of the training, as well as before and after it. The main thing - do not drink too much.

5. You can not drink too much

This statement - a myth half. The notion that excessive drinking prevents lose weight, lacked a scientific basis, because we remember that water provides our metabolism. The excess water removed from the body by natural means. If the body tend to accumulate fluid, consult a doctor.

To cause harm to the body of water you need to drink a lot of it, perhaps even against his will. Scientists from the Institute of Neurophysiology and Mental Health in Melbourne say that the consumption of water in excess of the human brain, the mechanism that inhibits swallowing reflex.

More than three liters per hour to drink is not recommended, especially athletes. During a workout, the body is removed from the sodium. The disadvantage with consumption of water leads to hyponatremia at which liquid is withdrawn from the body and accumulates in the cells.

6. Excessive drinking helps to combat SARS and a hangover

Many people know that while colds need to drink a lot of water, but not everyone understands why. By itself, the water does not cure the flu and SARS. She makes up for lost time in the fluid of the disease, which is also important.

When water Hangover need exactly the same reasons. Alcohol brings intense fluid from the body, so we need to fill it. The use of folk remedies for a hangover - brine - confirmed by scientific data. The salt contained in the brine, helps to fill the loss of sodium. The main thing - do not overdo it.