Jump in the hole:

On the eve of the great holiday of the Baptism of the doctors once again emphasize that in order to preserve their own health and well-being should take good care of compliance with the rules of safe diving in open water during the winter. The Health Ministry was given recommendations on how to prepare for bathing on Epiphany.

Provided the correct approach to engage in winter swimming, this case allows you to strengthen the body and get rid of many diseases. In "walruses" increases lung capacity also increases muscle strength and overall endurance. The number of colds decreased several times, and the duration of the disease is reduced almost threefold.

However, before you start a scheduled or one-time hardening of the body to dive into the hole, it is imperative to consult a doctor, because there is a whole list of acute and chronic diseases in which winter swimming contraindicated.

These include: inflammation of the nasal and paranasal sinuses, middle ear (otitis), diseases of the cardiovascular system (congenital and acquired heart defects, coronary artery disease with angina, myocardial infarction, severe koronaroskleroza, hypertension stage II and III ), diseases of the central nervous system (epilepsy, consequences of severe cranial trauma, pronounced sclerosis of cerebral vessels, encephalitis, arachnoiditis), the peripheral nervous system (neuritis and polyneuritis), endocrine system (diabetes, thyrotoxicosis), eyes (glaucoma, conjunctivitis) , respiratory (lung tuberculosis - active in the stage of complications, pneumonia, bronchial asthma, emphysema), the genitourinary system (nephritis, cystitis, adnexitis, prostatitis), gastrointestinal tract (stomach ulcer, enterocolitis, cholecystitis, hepatitis) skin and venereal diseases, the availability of large post-burn scarring.

If none of the above diseases is not available, you should be familiar with the basic principles of winter diving, to help maintain and improve health.

The first rule any hardening - systematic. Adaptations to cold is provided only when the daily contact with the cold water. In the days without bathing in open water should take a cold shower or pour.

The second rule - Gradual. Tempering water, it is desirable to start in the warm season, slowly reducing the temperature of the water and increasing the length of the voyage. In winter, stay in the hole for beginners, depending on water temperature, lasts on average 10-20 seconds, and for the walrus with the experience - no longer than 1.5 - 2 minutes. Before diving into the water is necessary to make a vigorous workout, then soak the face, chest, abdomen and back, and only then to sink to his neck and go. "Walruses" with experience, usually, do not dive with a head, because it can lead to a sudden cooling of the body.

The third rule - After the winter of water a person experiences great Kholodov load, especially if there is wind and high humidity. It is necessary to remove the wet clothes, quickly rub the towel and dress in warm clothes. Footwear should be spacious, with a minimal amount of buttons, buckles and laces. With numb fingers - should hold them in the neck or abdomen a few seconds, warm breath and continue to dress.

The fourth rule - Individually tailored body. Sensitivity to cold and response to cooling depending on sex and age, constitution, the level of physical development, the type of higher nervous activity and other factors. For example, for the same duration of stay in the water the same temperature, the children give 10-20% more heat than adults, male - 10-18% more than women.

According to the observations of physicians, in a separate category of healthy people with excessive heat loss transition from the icy water in a warm room cause dizziness, vomiting and tinnitus, coronary artery spasm, arrhythmia, reflex cardiac arrest, the occurrence of seizures, allergic reaction (hives, asthma attacks ). Should this occur, discontinue swimming and seek medical advice.

The fifth rule - It is necessary to strictly observe the day mode and give up bad habits. Drink alcohol before swimming is strictly contraindicated. Alcohol dilates the peripheral vessels, which significantly increases heat transfer. Smoking also significantly violates the circulation than increases cooling. For example, the smoking of cigarettes only 1 reduces the temperature of the skin of the toes 1 ? C.

The sixth rule - To achieve the maximum effect of hardening, use a maximum of natural factors - water, air, sunlight.

The seventh rule - Emotional state plays a significant role in the body's response to cooling. Positive emotions interfere with occurrence of adverse reactions, the body successfully counteracts the effect of the cold, it is easier to cope with it.

If the one-time decision to plunge into the cold water on January 19 Epiphany still accepted advice from the doctors: dive into the hole only when you are completely healthy and be in the water for no longer than 3-5 seconds.

Traditional Epiphany frosts have accustomed us to the fact that there must be cold at this time. It is believed that because of the cold in the street Water in the hole will seem warm.

- In fact, for beginners the weather - not below minus ten - perfect - says immunologist Vladimir Sazanov. - Then the load on the immune system will not be so serious. It is usual walruses sharp drop in the hole from zero to minus 30 in the street does not hurt.

A person is unprepared smaller temperature gap, the better. Dipping into the hole - it is a strong kick for immunity. Rather, for the adrenal glands, which begin abruptly produce stress hormones - cortisol and adrenaline. They stimulate the immune system, and it starts to work intensively to prevent the development of inflammation and infections in the body. Hence, the miraculous stories of Epiphany, when the patients were healed after diving into the hole: a one-time release of stress hormones triggers inflammatory reactions. Because of what can actually go through some diseases. Yet we tell stories more often, when people became ill a couple of days due to hypothermia.

In seconds

- I'm sure that the cold water - the best medicine for all diseases from SARS to degenerative disc disease - says d m n, a physician-physical therapist Sergei Bubnovsky - The very many years practicing daily diving headlong into the cold bath, and advise patients. Just a few seconds - and feel better blood flow and metabolism speeds up, blood vessels harden. Importantly, exposure to cold should be short: less than 10 - 15 seconds. This applies both to the hardening bath and diving under the ice.

- Personally, I do not only dive 19 January, but several times over the winter - said to m n, neurologist Victor Koss - It tempers the spirit, and the immune system. In just a few days before the swim start to lean more on carrots and red peppers, and tomatoes. Red and orange vegetables help the liver to produce hemoglobin, improves hematopoiesis. A good blood circulation is very important for a swim in the icy water.

A common mistake beginners - taking off his clothes, immediately plunge into the hole to quickly make a "feat" and not to suffer doubts, standing on the shore. It is fundamentally wrong, and - most importantly - safe, says Dmitry Bugrij enemy.

"It is not until the end of undressing and taking off a cloak themselves, need to properly stretch your body. A few warm-up exercises - squats, push-ups - will warm the blood and "will drive" it to the extremities. Just do not overdo it, you do not get tired or sweat heavily. Tradition obliges not just go into the water, and three times in it to sit down (to dive headlong optional). This is really worth doing as soon as possible, without delay. In the water, especially for the first time should not be longer than 15 seconds, "- says the doctor.

Another mistake - coming out of the water, daredevils start doing selfie etc. - Leave it for later. Immediately after taking a bath should be thoroughly pounded, wrapped in a towel completely. Rub the whole body, start from head to improve blood circulation, hereinafter - the shoulders, arms, etc. Be sure to thoroughly rub the lower back, calves and feet to restore good blood circulation in the legs.

Immediately after the hole you need to wear warm dry clothing. It would be initially to throw long warm coat with a hood. Since all parts of the body will be protected from the cold and wind, while you pull the socks or pants.

Dressed, do not stand in the cold more - quickly go in the warm dressing room or sit in the car warmed.

No less common mistake - to drink 50 grams after immersion in water. It is dangerous and completely unenforceable, because alcohol impairs blood circulation and only creates the illusion of warmth. Drink a cup of warm tea, herbal desirable, preferably with slices of ginger, which will help quickly warm up.


When and to whom it is not necessary to plunge

- If any of exacerbations of chronic diseases (cardiovascular, endocrine system, ulcers, problems with the nasopharynx, respiratory system). People with chronic diseases of the genitourinary system is better not to dive.

- In inflammatory diseases (kidney, gall bladder, conjunctivitis).

- When the temperature rises, or SARS.

- Hypertensive patients with tuberculosis and diabetes.

- Kids up to three years and older children without hardening.

- Pregnant women.