As for the week without dieting to lose 5-7 kilograms

After the Christmas holidays, most people, and especially - women with horror looking at his reflection in the mirror: a generous feast never have consequences for the figure.

The abundance of fatty and spicy foods, salads with mayonnaise, sweets and other culinary delights are always fraught with overweight. But do not despair: nutritionists claim that you can return to the previous form in just a week! After all, in fact, one day in humans (medium build) can be deposited not more than 150 grams of "pure" fat. Thus, 10 days gastronomic "spree" can collect about 1.5 kg of fat. Why cock moved as much as many divisions, was surprised to ask you. That's because in addition to body fat retained excess fluid and poorly digested food. As a result, "the preponderance of" may amount to as much as 5-7 kg. How to quickly and painlessly get rid of them, he told us dietitian, a member of the Association of Ukraine Oksana Skitalinskaya nutritionists.


It was ordinary water stimulates the kidneys and accelerates the elimination of toxins. The required quantity of liquid for you can calculate, based on the circuit 30 ml per 1 kg of ideal body weight person. Be sure to drink a glass of still pure water on an empty stomach right after sleep. Ideally, if the interval between the intake of water and breakfast will be at least half an hour. The water should be hot (above ambient temperature), it is possible to add two or three drops of lemon juice: it will wake the gastrointestinal tract and improves digestion.

From drinks during the day should prefer herbs and teas too strong. For example, the infusion of parsley or chamomile can help get rid of the swelling, and the natural leaf green tea without sugar will have a tonic effect on the digestive system.


A return to former weight will take about the same time as you are gaining extra weight. Thus, if a holiday belly lasted a week, then get rid of naedennogo overwork will also be a week. However, only if excluded from the diet be high-calorie food, people will begin to move more, and ideally - will be engaged in sports.

Most importantly - do not just sit on a rigid diet; it will result in stress to the body, and not only does not help to lose weight, but even, on the contrary, make it to accumulate fat. As a result, the sides will be fat, and muscles begin to weaken and sag. To sort happened and dialed kilograms still gone, just adjust your diet is necessary. Install the three-time diet with small portions and completely get rid of snacks.

Within two days it can be fed so that the total calorie menu does not exceed 1000-1200 calories. In no case do not load up at night: the last meal should be 2-3 hours before bedtime. If you are concerned about in bed feeling hungry, drink a glass of low-fat yogurt or yogurt.


The next step on the way to getting rid of kilograms - drawing up the diet. First of all, exclude him from foods and beverages that contain sugar. This carbonated drinks, packaged juices and any sweets. Avoid fried, fatty and spicy foods, and more - from white flour (pastry and bakery products). It is necessary to reduce salt intake to a minimum - it will help excrete the excess fluid. Try not to eat fruit, provoke fermentation in the gut, - sweet dried fruit and unripe bananas. From vegetables, limit those that contribute to gas production and bloating (cauliflower, beans and so on. D.).

Instead, turn to the diet of low-fat protein foods: ideal white fish and dietary meat (turkey, chicken). As a side dish fit boiled vegetables. Also include in the menu of low-fat dairy products, stews and soups, fresh vegetables and sour-sweet fruit.

Between getting rid of extra calories is very useful to lean on sauerkraut. Firstly, due to the fiber content is like a vacuum cleaner, "collects" all harmful substances. Secondly, it is rich in lactic acid, necessary for the recovery of the intestinal immune system, and vitamin C, which helps to resist the winter cold.


Fasting days to help get rid of excess fluid that has accumulated in the tissues due to the salty and spicy dishes. Also unloading displays remnants of undigested food from the lower intestine: an unbalanced diet with excess protein, sour milk and a lack of fresh plant foods combined with a sedentary lifestyle during the holidays helped "stagnation." To fasting days have brought health benefits, they should be carried out regularly 1-2 times a week. Precautions to be unloaded need to approach people with chronic diseases, especially with gastritis or peptic ulcer disease, as well as a tendency to allergies. In this case it is best to consult your doctor and make a personalized menu for unloading.

Everyone else can make a discharge, such as brown rice. Before going to bed soak 300 grams of rice, wash the morning cereal, cover with water and cook until tender. Most importantly - do not add salt, oil or any other seasonings. Cooked porridge divide into 6 portions and eat it at regular intervals. Be sure to this day drink plenty of pure non-carbonated water: at least 1.5-2 liters.

Unloading on cottage cheese and yogurt will accelerate metabolism and saturate the calcium and helps to lose weight. You will need 600 grams of cottage cheese 2-5% fat and 1 liter of 1% kefir. Divide the cheese into 6 equal portions and eat every 2 hours with a glass of kefir.

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Do not make sudden changes in diet (eg, starvation after gluttony): this is a strong stress for the body, which can lead to unexpected results. Even to-day discharge is necessary to prepare: 2-3 days to give up fatty, sugary and salty foods, slightly reduce the portions.

Do not abuse unloading days. Optimum discharge duration - 1-2 days, maximum - 3. If you practice such power over a longer period in the body can cause a lack of vital nutrients.

Forget about the "magic" diet pills. They usually have a lot of
side effects, many of them have not been investigated at all, and are not approved.

Once a week (but not often) can go to the bath or sauna: together with then removes toxins. Just do not drink it sweet drinks, beer and other spirits: these drinks will add calories. Prefer herbal teas, broth hips, berry juice, ordinary water.

If you do not exercise, then at least do morning exercises, you walk for at least 2 hours a day or running for at least 40 minutes.

Sleep at least 8 hours: people lose weight is a dream.