How to get back in shape after the Christmas gluttony

A dietician, for wellness-nutrition specialist Tatiana Primak told how to get out of New Year's Jora.

The good news: after the holidays and feasts your permanent weight became larger, but it does not mean that you are so quickly overgrown Zhirkov. In the body, in addition to the excess calories from food and alcohol, are now more and stagnant water, ie swelling. So that part of the excess weight gradually go away by itself, but to make it happen faster, should adhere to certain rules.


1. Fasting days on yogurt, apples and buckwheat - not an option. Most people take these days as punishment, retribution for Christmas gluttony. Unloading is good for those who are constantly fed properly and only on holidays allowed himself a small bend. If you before the holidays and so jumping from diet to diet, unloading entail disruption.

Your body is most afraid of the repetition period, when he did not get the right amount of nutrients. This time, it was perceived as a body and the subconscious stress. Hence - there are constant breakdowns. If you want to lose weight and more, forget about hard framework and limitations.

2. Fasting - a science. You have to understand how to enter into it and get out, most importantly, how to starve. Fasting can slow basal metabolism and bring other unexpected consequences. Therefore, fasting on water alone - also not an option!

What you need:

1. Let's start with the water regime. Water - the most simple and universal means of detox. It should be drunk at the rate of 30 ml per 1 kg of your ideal weight. Distribute the total amount of water throughout the day so that night to drink less already. Drink fractional, half a cup or glass, not liters.

2. If you are familiar with proper nutrition, then after a festive obzhiralovki simply go to your old regime: meals 4-5 times a day, small meals (breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner).

3. Of course, you need to forget about salads with mayonnaise, baked goods, sweets and carbonated beverages. We give preference to light simple dishes (if the salad, the vegetables and greens, seasoned with unrefined oil; if the meat or fish is baked, boiled or stewed without unnecessary ingredients and sauces).

4. At some time to focus on protein products (medium-fat and low-fat varieties of fish and meat, seafood, cheese, eggs) and fiber (vegetables).

Choose more complex carbohydrates (cereals, durum wheat pasta).

5. Avoid alcohol as long as the order does not result in your diet. For some it is the whole problem, but still try.

6. Stop yourself nibbling. Most people after the holiday defoliation tense and tormented by guilt. Of course, you will get better, and this is evidenced in the mirror, and clothes that become too narrow. But it is better to forget the word "weight loss". Imagine that you do not "lose weight" and heals the body, and you have plenty of time.

7. If you feel the approach of panic again, just breathe deeply. Deep breathing helps to calm down!

8. Find the fun. It distracts from the constant thoughts about food.

9. Choose the most comfortable for you (mentally and physically) way to drop weight at which you will not be hungry and angry. The body does not like it when you do not care about it. Avoid rigid framework. Enter dietary changes slowly, not all at once - otherwise the body will take it as stress.

Everything new becomes a habit after 21 days of application. If you type all at once, the body all perceive as another stress. For example, today you decide every day to eat dairy products. Gradually, determine what products you like, how many times per day you want milk, it is better to buy ready-made products or make your own As soon felt that had ceased to think about these questions and everything is solved by itself, then we can move on to the next rule .

10. Do not forget about physical activity. To lose weight gradually, not necessarily go to the gym. It is enough to pass for a day at least 10 thousand steps or make easy cardio at home.

Bonus: an intense detox

If you have previously adhered to proper nutrition, and during the holidays just allow yourself a little extra, you will approach a quick detox option.

First day: 500 g chicken and vegetables 500. The meat can be marinated in spices, preferably without salt, and bake or cook for a couple.

Vegetables can be eaten raw, to extinguish them without oil or too steamed. Avoid beets, potatoes and corn.

Second day: 500 UAH buckwheat /oatmeal (the weight specified in finished form) without salt and oil. Buckwheat is best steamed, rather than cooking. To improve the taste by adding spices.

Third day: 1.5 kg of fruit (except bananas, grapes and pears). It is desirable to take no more than two kinds of fruit.

Fourth day: 1.5 kg of vegetables (except sugar beet, potatoes and corn). Vegetables can be eaten raw (salads), boil, put out or cook for a couple. Again, a minimum of salt and spices to taste.

This cleaning will help remove toxins and excess water. For any system of food you get used quickly after detox. Well, minus 3-5 kg ??clean you provided, and this is a good motivational foundation for achieving the goal.