6 foods that are high in fiber, to establish digestion

Cellulose - a dietary fiber plant foods that help food digestion and metabolism.

The benefits of fiber in that it helps to lose weight and keep the digestion at a normal, healthy level. The highest fiber content - in the following products.


Almost all vegetables have fiber. The highest content of these fibers can be found in the usual cabbage.

Its Kindred: cauliflower, broccoli, kohlrabi and red cabbage fat a little less, but it is also foods that are high in fiber. Include them in your diet - and your stomach will be grateful.

[/b] Carrots.

Carrots - the food, which ranks second in the table of foods high in fiber.

In addition to the known benefits of carrots: a complete collection of B vitamins and calcium, it is also useful for stomach and weight loss.

[b] Beet

The list of high fiber foods keeps popular vegetables: beets.

Sweet and bright red, useful for normalizing the blood pressure, and increase red blood cell levels in the blood, beets besides not only delicious, but also helps to lose weight because of the high content of dietary fiber.

Green beans

This product is not for nothing are advised to athletes. The green beans contain a lot of protein and low in calories.

The perfect side dish, given that there are lots of dietary fiber: and therefore, despite the low energy value, a feeling of fullness green beans comes quickly and is long.

Flax seeds

The use of fiber flax seed is much greater than any other plant.

Let the dietary fiber content of the seeds is not as high as in the cabbage or beets, but the result does not take long and you will feel the effect of weight loss in just a few days.


Vitamin bomb, the most useful piece of fruit and a convenient snack.

Dietary fiber contained in apples in large quantities, which means that it is even more strongly reinforces its position on the favorite diet of sweets.

Eat these foods are high in fiber - and forget about stomach problems and weight!