Nutritionist: three rules will help improve the health of the week

Can you feel the qualitative change for the better in his health and appearance in the short term? Authoritative in the US nutritionist and an expert on healthy eating, Andy Bellatti says yes. To this end, he recommended to follow the three simple rules.

Recommendations published expert online newspaper "The Age". In particular, Dr. Bellatti said, for good health and blooming appearance in the daily diet is important to observe three points - a full-fledged drinking regime, control over food intake of sodium, as well as a high level of fiber.

As for the drinking regime, nutritionist explained: you must not only provide the body with sufficient amount of liquid, but also to ensure that any drinks consumed during the day.

"Sweetened drinks, soda, juices from stores are high in sugar drink are not considered, it is a simple clean water. Useful and water with lemon, lime or cucumber juice ", - he said.

Also, an expert on healthy eating drew attention to the foods that contain a lot of sodium - all sorts of savory snacks, chips, sausages, semi-finished products requiring reheating. Such products can become a cause of puffiness and swelling, warned Andy Bellatti.

"Refusing to only one week from the usual savory dishes, you will immediately see a positive result. Because the body will indicate excess fluid can be easier on a few kilos "- shared his opinion of the doctor.

In addition, he advised every day to consume "diet" fiber, which are the source of nuts and hard fruits and vegetables.

Their constant consumption rids the body of craving for sugar, overeating, eating harmful to the high-calorie foods, but also improves digestion in general, which has a positive effect on the appearance and state of health, noted nutritionist.