How not to freeze: the recommendations of doctors

Doctors and rescuers were given advice on how to stay warm in the winter cold. To avoid falling victim to hypothermia and not to pick up a number of ailments, doctors recommend to avoid hypothermia, warm clothes and hot food snack. They emphasize that in cold weather it is very important to choose the right clothes, so as not to be supercooled. Clothing should be light and warm at the same time. In the cold days is better to put on underwear in shoes is recommended to put insoles heating pad that can warm your feet for about 4 hours. From outerwear best option rescuers called down jacket.

You must adhere to the principle of multi-layer: wear several light jackets instead of one warm. This prevents sweating, which in the cold is dangerous. If it becomes hot, one of the things you can always remove. For the same reasons, the clothes should be completely free.

It is also necessary to protect exposed skin: do not forget to wear gloves, scarf and hat. If you have to spend all day in the cold, take extra clothes. Sometimes it is enough to change the wet clothes to dry, to avoid hypothermia.

Doctors say that you can suffer from hypothermia even at zero temperature. In particular, the weather conditions with temperatures below 7 degrees may already cause health problems.

This weather is dangerous because a person has thrown a large number of hormones - adrenalin, the adrenal hormones. Therefore, a proper diet will also help fight hypothermia. Doctors are advised not to go out in the cold hungry. "Be sure to eat well, it is better that some high-calorie frozen -. Also eat something possible, bring a thermos of hot coffee, tea or soup.", - Underline the doctors.

In the cold, doctors are advised not to drink plenty of hot drinks, because of sudden changes in temperature in the body vessels constrict, and the person begins to freeze.

experts also recommend an hour before going outside to put on the face and hands nutritious fat cream to protect your skin from the cold.

Another simple rule: do not overdo it. Tired people are rapidly supercooling. As a rule, people felt that they begin to freeze, move very actively. But it is also not quite reasonable, since the energy is used very rapidly and it is necessary to restore the power. Therefore, physicians are advised to move, but not too intense.

When the temperature outside is below 15 degrees, it is very important just before the entrance of the house a snack with something warm to drink a cup of hot tea with ginger (spice it accelerates blood circulation and warms the body from the inside), the doctor said Victoria Savitskaya.

If you have to stand at the bus stop waiting for transport, try to hide somewhere under the canopy or kiosk, to feel the wind as little as possible. Even if you are cold, try not to shiver - so you still freezes faster as grab prematurely "sip" of cold air before it had time to breathe.

Leaving the house on cold air, do not just take a deep breath! The sharp stream of cold air can cause reflex bronchospasm. And for such a core mistake fraught with coronary spasm, which, in turn, is often accompanied by a heart attack.

Breathe only through the nose, close your mouth tightly, but rather hide behind thick lips with a scarf. It does not stand still - Walking back and forth to enhance the blood circulation in the limbs.

If the cold or the wind you have watery eyes for 10-15 minutes before going out into the cold drip into the eyes of an antihistamine drops. No harm will also buy a hat with a visor and fasten on top of the hood - to protect your eyes from the wind.

When the campaign is changing dramatically, it is important to avoid any overload, both physical and emotional.

Because each of us has their "pain points" that make provision of all necessary medications to you, but do not break the doctor's recommendation at their reception. Better yet, buy a pharmacy herbal teas and fees, and start to drink them without waiting for migraines, joint pain, and so on. Do not forget about the fees and soothing to enhance immunity.

"Limit yourself from all the stress factors at least for a few days, do not watch horror movies, do not jump with a parachute, do not communicate with unpleasant people. Do not go on sales, if the upset due to the fact that not all of the missing money, and so on. D. If you exercise, the workout in the gym or fitness Power yoga is better to replace or charge in the comfort of your home. But absolutely not necessary to give the physical boot. Firstly, feasible exercise improves vascular tone, and secondly, they promote the production of endorphins - a hormone that improves mood "- doctors say.

It helps also simple easy neck massage that will remove the weight, and it is effective for headaches and dizziness and beautifully uplifting.

If you are prone to sudden changes in blood pressure, take the time several times during the day to rest in a horizontal position, at least 10-15 minutes. And do not forget about the benefits of a contrast shower, but without abrupt changes, and with a gradual decrease in water temperature.