Tattoos declared life-threatening

Tattoos rapidly transformed from a limited range of representatives attribute professions and subcultures in decoration, fashionable among young people and do not carry too deep subtext. At the same time, scientists from the University of Copenhagen, University of Bradford, and several other institutions of higher education, have expressed concern that this trend threatens not only public morality: Some ink used to create drawings and inscriptions provoke cancer and other diseases.

According to experts, sometimes the red paint used for tattooing, contain mercury, and blue and green - cobalt. Number of those or other toxic substances were detected in 13 out of 21 popular type of ink for tattoos, which experts analyzed the samples in the course of his research. The scientists also found that the increase in popularity of tattoos is one of the reasons for the spread of skin infections.

Earlier, similar concerns expressed by scientists from the European Chemicals Agency, also noted that some of the ink for tattoos, especially the red, may contain harmful substances. Also, experts noted that the use of this ink is not subject to adequate control by official bodies - in spite of the growing popularity of tattoos, licensing paint used for them can not be, experts said. Experts also listed a number of other problems, directly related to the lack of proper regulation of tattooing. According to them, tattooists are not required to wear gloves, even though their customers are often bleeds during tattooing.

In addition, there is no official restriction that does not allow the tattoo artist to use the same needle while working with several clients, potentially causing the transmission of serious infections. It is interesting that this study endorsed not only people working in the health sector, but also those who have a direct relation to tattooing as a business - in the opinion of the latter, an additional control is really in the end would go to the benefit provided by their field.

Earlier, another group of researchers from the University of Alabama, made a rather unexpected conclusion that the tattoo may be in some respects beneficial to health. In a small study involving 29 people experts have received evidence that with each new tattoos from the human immune system is strengthened.