Bodrov morning: how to make myself get up in 5 minutes

In the morning you repeatedly press the button on the alarm clock "postpone" the third eye, drink gallons of coffee, but it's still a few hours feeling as if in a dream go? How to make yourself get up in the morning? If you want to wake up quickly and feel cheerful, do so.


It's very simple: easy to get, you need to sleep. And in order to sleep, you need at least 7-8 hours a day, in less time, the body does not have time to recover. You need to climb briskly at 7 am to prepare breakfast at all and collect the child to school? So, do not go to bed after midnight. A better - even earlier, because growth hormone, which allows us to keep fit and not gain weight, is produced only from 23:00 until after midnight, and only in a dream.


You probably have read many times that the blue glow of smartphones and tablets prevents the secretion of the hormone melatonin, which is essential for a sound sleep. And surely you still have to put it mildly, left this information unattended. In the morning, rubbed his eyes, press the "set aside" and drank gallons of coffee. Try not to use once before bedtime gadgets and appreciate the difference. Firstly, do not sit in social networks, do not play games and watch movies in an hour and a half before sleep. It is better to read a book - traditional rather than electronic or enjoy sex - too traditional, not virtual. Second, turn off all electronic gadgets, or remove them from the bedroom. The room should be completely dark, only in this case, the sleep hormone melatonin is produced as expected.

Do not cram the night

If you are tight dinner and immediately went to sleep, relax will not be easy, because the body needs to exert much effort to digest eaten. In addition, a full stomach in the prone position puts pressure on the diaphragm, and it interferes with breathing and difficult work of the heart. The result - you get hot, stuffy, pricks the heart, two o'clock, you can not go to sleep and in the morning unable to rise. The optimal time for dinner - 3 hours before bedtime, at the same time try not to overeat. Complex carbohydrates (vegetables, brown rice, pasta from wheat flour) + low-fat protein (cheese, fish, seafood, eggs) - what you need.

Not get drunk at night, in every sense of the word

On the one hand, it is very likely that a couple of glasses of wine before going to bed to help you relax and fall asleep instantly. But scientists have shown that alcohol significantly reduces the quality of sleep: sleep becomes shallower and more intermittent. So, even after 8 hours in bed, you risk wake up exhausted. Conclusion: avoid alcohol 2-3 hours before bedtime. And be careful with green tea and even plain water. If at night you have to run to the toilet, it is not surprising that you do not get enough sleep.

Set the alarm away from the bed

If the alarm sounds at the far end of the room, you will in any case have to rise - at least in order to turn off the annoying alarm.


In autumn and winter it is difficult to wake up yet because the window is dark and it seems that even late at night. Alarm Clock with light not only calls but also on time begins to glow brighter and brighter, simulating sunrise.

Immediately after waking up drink a glass of water

During the night the body loses moisture, and easy to wake up, it is necessary to restore stocks of liquid. In the evening, pour a glass of water and put it on the nightstand beside the bed.

VIGOROUSLY Rub hands together

Then rub the whole body. This will activate the blood circulation and helps to cheer up.


If you know that at the beginning of the day you will find a joy it will be easier to get up. And be sure to plan your reward system. Usually you half an hour to roll in bed, and now stood for five minutes? Think that you can enjoy your time behind the released time. And do not forget about the power of motivation. Think about what can get bonuses if you become used to wake up, and everything will turn out!